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ECOC 2018

ECOC 2018

Booth# 513

Join NTT-AT at ECOC 2018.

This year at ECOC 2018 (44th European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication) NTT-AT will showcase the Optical Connector Cleaner, etc.
We look forward to seeing you in ECOC 2018.
Please stop by our booth.

About ECOC 2018

Date September 23-27, 2018
Location Roma, Italy
Organizar Nexus Business Media Ltd.
Website https://www.ecoc2018.org/
Admission Free


article on exhibition
  • Optical Connector Cleaner: 'CLETOP'
  • Optical Connector Cleaner: 'OPTITOP'
  • Optical Connector Cleaner: 'NEOCLEAN'
  • Optical Connector Polisher: 'ATP-3000'
    The Optical Connector Polisher ATP-2000 Series that captured the No.1 share of the market in Japan has evolved, bringing an even higher first pass rate and ease of maintenance onto the scene.
  • Optical Connector Cleaner Integrated Scope: 'VIEWTOP'
    Cleaning and observation are possible in one unit. The work efficiency for optical connection is significantly improved.
  • Final Polishing Film: 'ADS series'
    ADS-NEXT is a new generation final polishing film that keeps all the good points of the ADS final polishing film that has become a world standard, and additionally prevents the rapid deterioration caused by fiber indentations.
  • Diamond Polishing Film: 'AAS-DM series'
    AAS-DM Diamond Film offers high polishing capabilities – minimizing scratches.
  • Optical Adhesives and Sealants
    The adhesive technology used in optical communications is one of the key technologies we offer. In order to produce low-cost and highly reliable optical components, an easy-to-use, durable adhesive is necessary. Requirements for an optical adhesive vary depending on where the adhesive is applied. We develop and market adhesives and adhesive resins to meet the customer's specific needs for refractive index adjustment, precise fixing, heat-resistance with high elasticity, low moisture permeability and more. (Detailed information can be viewed by clicking the title on the application chart.)
  • 3D Interferometer:'SMX series'
    The SMX series are the newest interferometers,superior in both high accuracy and high speed measurement.
  • 'Polyimide Waveplate'
    Thin waveplate makes it possible to have excellent high density packaging and small insertion loss for PLC.
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