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Introducing the New Cleaner for Waterproof Optical Connector "NEOCLEAN-EZ1 Plus"
December 13, 2017

Introducing the New Cleaner for Waterproof Optical Connector "NEOCLEAN-EZ1 Plus"

~Expanding the applicable connectors of the "NEOCLEAN-EZ" series for an enhanced lineup~

NTT Advanced Technology Corporation

NTT Advanced Technology Corp. (hereafter: NTT-AT, head office: Kawasaki city, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: George Kimura) announces the sales release, starting on December 15, 2017, of its newest of the ‘NEOCLEAN Series' of push type cleaners for SC, LC, MPO, etc., the "NEOCLEAN-EZ1 Plus for waterproof optical connectors (ODC connectors) used in FTTA (Fiber to the Antenna) such as mobile phone base stations and other uses.

The "NEOCLEAN series" provides a compact design, capable of more than 400 cleanings, with built-in specialized microfibers that won't scratch the end face of the optical connector, yet lets you clean connectors with a simple push operation. In addition, the "NEOCLEAN-EZ 1 Plus" going on sale at this time can clean 1.25 mm optical connector ports and ODC plugs using its main body, and also clean typical plugs and ODC sockets by using the included attachment.

As a pioneer in optical connector cleaners, NTT-AT provides the highest quality cleaning tools, helping to prevent trouble in optical communication equipment and supporting improvement in both the efficiency of optical construction work and in the reliability of communication service.


As optical communications becomes faster and larger in capacity, higher reliability is required for optical network equipment. One of the biggest factors that deteriorates the reliability is contamination on the end face of the optical connector. Optical connector cleaners are essential cleaning tools to eliminate this factor. As a pioneer in optical connector cleaners, NTT-AT, based on the technology of NTT Laboratories, has been offering a wealth of lineups in response to the needs of customers for many years.

The "NEOCLEAN-EZ1 Plus" added to the lineup at this time, is a cleaner for ODC connector cleaning. ODC connectors are outdoor optical connectors suitable for Fiber to the Antenna uses such as cell phone base stations etc. These connectors have excellent waterproof and dustproof functionality, but if there are dirty contaminants on the end face due to handling conditions before connecting, the signal may not be transmitted properly, or the contamination may be changed by surrounding temperature swings and aging, causing problems and unforeseen breakdowns. The "NEOCLEAN-EZ1 Plus" is designed to solve such problems. Even if the worker possess no special skills, just simply pushing the tip into the connector will clean the end face, easily and effectively eliminating troubles in optical communication equipment caused by contamination on the end face.

Features of the "NEOCLEAN-EZ1 Plus"

Compact  A body length of 107 mm, 113 mm with the attachment
Simple operation built-in specialized fiber, removes dirt with a simple push operation without damaging the endface of the optical fiber connector.
Skillless No special skills needed. Simply insert the tip into the connector and push

"NEOCLEAN-EZ1 Plus" Specifications

Compatible Connectors 1.25mm ferrule connector (MU, LC, ODC, etc.)
# of uses More than 400 times
Length (mm) 107 (with attachment: 113)
Cleaning performance

Sales Approach

The optical connector cleaners will be sold through distributors.

Notes: Connector Cleaning Examples

Cleaning a port
Cleaning a plug
Cleaning an ODC plug
Cleaning an ODC socket
* "NEOCLEAN" is a registered trademark of NTT Advanced Technology Corporation

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