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Fiber Optics

Goods and service are categorized and introduced according to solution field.

FTTH-related Products

Free Bending Optical Cord

The Free Bending Optical Cord removes the frustration of fiber breaks...


Connetor-related Products

AAS-DM series

Diamond Polishing Film

ADS Series

Final Polishing Film


Optical Connector Cleaner

Fiber Coating Stripper

It provides almost the same workability as the conventional metallic wire...

Fiber Slide Cleaver

An essential tool for every engineer


Optical Connector Cleaner

Optical Connector Cleaner Series

The pioneer in optical connector cleaners, brings to you the highest quality cleaning tools.

Optical Connector Polisher ATP-3000

Optical Connector Polisher


Optical Connector Cleaner


High speed portable polisher for field assembly


Network Equipment

Intelligent Optical switch

CSW series and NSW series


Measuring Equipment & Tools

Automatic extinction ratio measurement device PCA2000C

Automatic extinction ratio measurement device

Optical connector characteristics measuring instrument AR-10

Simple, compact, and low cost Ideal for optical connector production lines!

SMX series

3D Interferometer


Device, Material and Crystal

200-kHz Swept Light Source for OCT Imaging

Mechanical - free, full electric controlled swept light source is now available !!

Adhesives for Optical Path Link-up

  Characteristics The refractive index can be accurately controlled within a...

Array Assembly Adhesive

Special Features Excellent durability Just the right viscosity for easy application...

High Precision Adhesives

Special Features Minimal position changes due to curing time and temperature...

High Refractive Index / Low Refractive Index Resins

The Search for Coating Agents with a Refractive Index of Less Than 1.4 and More than 1.7

KT (KTaO3) Crystal

Novel optical material with high refractive index.

KTN Deflector

Solid-State Laser Beam Deflection Technology

Measurement and Testing Services for Optical Materials

Limited sales in Japan

We provide the following measurement and testing services : Optical waveguide...

Nano Imprint Resin

High RI, UV curable, nano imprint resin provides highly functional fine patterns

Optical Adhesives

The adhesive technology used in optical communications is one of the key technologies

Polyimide Half Waveplate(AT-HWP)

Birefringence cancellation of planar lightwave circuits

Polyimide Quarter Waveplate(AT-QWP)

Controlling Polarization in PLCs

Sealant for Optical Parts

Special Features Low stress produced on inner parts during curing and...