Membrane MEMS
Membrane MEMS

NTT-AT is not only an SiN membrane manufacturer, but also provides membrane-based products with various functions. Membrane MEMSs have been provided to manufacturers and research institutes for R&D of high sensitivity sensors. We will provide the custom-d

Benefits / Features

Fabricate a high sensitive sensor on the membranes for heat, vibration, light, charged ion particle, etc


  • Experienced fabrication knowledge of membranes cultivated through x-ray mask and EB mask fabrication
  • Precisely controlled membrane surface for low stress during fabrication
  • Optically transparent membranes

* Membrane MEMS is MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) using ultra thin film structure

Specifications / Details


Membrane material SiC, SiN
Type of metals for patterning Ta, Au, Pt, Cr

Application example < Membrane MEMS sensor >

Membrane MEMS

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