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GaN Epitaxial Wafer

Bringing environmentally friendly GaN power devices to reality

Bringing environmentally friendly GaN power devices to reality. GaN Epitaxial Wafer. - GaN epitaxial wafer on 6 inch Si substrate -


Power devices using GaN are expected to be the "green" devices that will support the low carbon society of the future.

Through its GaN epitaxial wafer technology, NTT-AT is helping to bring an early realization of an energy saving generation.

The GaN power devices as the next generation power devices enable high output, high voltage, high frequency, and low loss exceeding the limitations of Si power devices.

Leak Current Density - vertical direction

NTT-AT's competitive edge

Able to provide various kinds of substrate
Si Sapphire SiC GaN
2-6" 2-4" 2-4" 2"

Very flexible to meet wide range of required quantity
  • Small quantity for prototype production
  • Larger quantity for mass production needs
  • Mass production needs are supported by our partnership with Mitsubishi Chemical corporation.
    (Click here to view the press release for the further reference.)
Able to provide 6 inch GaN on Silicon
  • Good wafer quality
  • Click here to download brochure of AlGaN/GaN HEMT on 6 inch Si (PDF:82KB)
  • Click here to download example inspection data (PDF:90KB)
    We can also provide device manufacturing and material analysis.
Able to provide InAlN HEMT structure
  • Detailed specifications click here to download brochure of InAlN/GaN HEMT (PDF:192KB)

Able to provide 6 inch GaN on Silicon

  • RF applications such as power amplifier
  • Vehicle power devices
  • Power electronics such as power supplies, DC/DC converter, etc.
  • Environment resistant devices

Benefits of using GaN

  • High power
  • High frequency
  • High efficiency
  • Low power consumption, energy saving
  • High-temperature robustness
  • Exceed the limitations of current Si power devices



AlGaN/GaN HEMT epi structure (example)

Cap Layer
Material GaN
Doping Doped or un-doped
Thickness 2 (nm)
Material AlGaN
Al content ~25 (%)
Thickness ~ 20 (nm)
Material GaN
Thickness ~300 (nm)
Doping C-doping
Thickness 1- 4 (μm)
1) The thickness of cap layer can be adjusted according to the requirements.
2) The thickness of barrier layer and Al composition can be adjusted according to the requirements.
3) The AlN spacer layer can be inserted as well
Sheet resistance: ~300 Ohm/sq. 1), ~400 Ohm/sq. 2)
1) with AlN spacer, 2) without AlN spacer
Sheet carrier density:~ 1013 (cm-2)
Electron mobility:> ~ 2000 cm2/Vs
Breakdown voltage3) :> 200 V (for RF), ~ 1000 V (for power)
3)influenced by device structure