SiC membrane, SiN membrane
SiC membrane, SiN membrane

The standard sample holder for X-ray analysis and electron beam analysis.


Only NTT-AT provides SiC membrane. This SiC polycrystalline membrane has a high durability for pressure, x-ray irradiation, and electron beam irradiation compared with the conventional SiN membranes.
Customization is available for applications such as;
(i) metal thin film formation on membrane for use as a thin film target or a beam splitter,
(ii) electrode formation on membrane for use as a thin film heater or a chemcal sample holder,
(iii) a cell-type membrane for use as an X-ray CT sample holder,
(iv) sub-50 nm thickness membrane for use in electron spectroscopy, and electron microscopy,
(v) multiple window membranes, large/small membranes.


Several standard types and customized types are available for use in your setup.

membrane_01 membrane_02
SiN membrane


Model Chip Size(mm) Membrane Material Membrane Thickness(nm) Membrane Size(mm) Frame Thickness(mm)
SiN membrane
MEM-N03001/7.5M 7.5 × 7.5 SiN 100 3 × 3 0.625
MEM-N02001/10M 10 × 10 SiN 100 2 × 2 0.625
MEM-N03002/7.5M 7.5 × 7.5 SiN 200 3 × 3 0.625
MEM-N03002/10M 10 × 10 SiN 200 3 × 3 0.625
MEM-N020027/10M 10 × 10 SiN 270 2 × 2 0.625
MEM-N0302/10M 10 × 10 SiN 2,000 3 × 3 0.625
MEM-N0301/10M 10 × 10 SiN 1,000 3 × 3 0.625
SiC membrane
MEM-C03003/10M 10 × 10 SiC 300 3 × 3 0.625
MEM-C0301/10M 10 × 10 SiC 1,000 3 × 3 0.625
Membrane material SiC, SiN (insulating)
*Typical resistivity of 100 nm-thick SiC membrane is 2-3 M ohm.
Base plate material 3 inch or 4 inch Si (can be diced out to the required size)
Membrane thickness several 100 nm ~ severel μm
Membrane stress Able to control stress according to your requirements
*Large quantity as well as small quantity orders are welcome, please feel free to contact us anytime.
Schematic of membrane chipSchematic of membrane chip
* Please note that the specifications may be subject to change without notice.

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Past record

Since 2014, we have developed and started to sell the "membrane cell" for X-ray micro CT analysis sample holders. This makes it possible to easily obtain CT images from 10 μm class samples.

Figure: SiN membrane cell used for X-ray micro CT
Pressure durable SiC membrane and SiN membrane are provided for use as windows in vacuum chambers. By using these membranes, low energy X-rays, which usually cannot pass through a glass window, can exit the vacuum chamber.

Figure: Highly durable membranes used for a thin vacuum window.

NTT-AT SiC membrane and SiN membrane have been  used by researchers and developers in physics, chemistry, biology and material technology fields.

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