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MVE-100 SDK / MVD-100 SDK

MVC/H.264 HDTV Software Codec SDK


The MVC/H.264 Software Encoder SDK makes your own software development work more pleasant and easier. Please take advantage of SDK when you develop 3D image handling software. By using the SDK, you can edit and deliver 3D images, while keeping the high picture quality that makes the 3D image come alive even more.

This development kit is compatible with multiprocessor environments, and designed to match your development requirements.


MVC Encoder
  • Blu-ray 3D Profile Support
  • Stereo and Multiview profile
  • Support for to 10 View
  • VBR/CBR (per View)
  • I,Pand B-Automatic scene change detection
  • CBR rate control
  • 2-pass VBR rate control
  • Rate-Distortion optimization encoding
  • Stored B-frame encoding (only for M=3)
MVC Decoder
  • Stereo and Multiview Profile
  • Support for to 10 View
  • Realtime Decoding with HD resolution (2 views)
  • Muti-Threaded (up to 12 cores)

Target customers

  • Companies that deal with online video content delivery
  • Broadcasting station



Software Development Kit

  • Offers MVC/H.264 video encoding capability
  • Offers MVC/H.264 video decoding capability
  • Offers a high image quality and high compression encoding engine even with MVC/H.264.
  • Allows high speed parallel encode processing in a multiprocessor environment.
  • Enables a wide range of functionality from offline conversion processing to streaming format through it memory input-output interface.
  • Is provided as a Windows DLL file with C language programming API.

Able to provide 6 inch GaN on Silicon

  • RF applications such as power amplifier
  • Vehicle power devices
  • Power electronics such as power supplies, DC/DC converter, etc.
  • Environment resistant devices

Operating Environment

  • Microsoft Windows Vista, 7 or newer
  • Intel-compatible CPU (SSE2 or newer), Intel Xeon QuadCore x 2way

Recommended Development Environment

  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2008 (MSVC9.0)


Video Input (MVE-100 SDK)
Video Output (MVD-100 SDK)
Frame size (pixels) 64x64 to 1920x1080
Frame rate (FPS) 10 to 60
Scan type Progressive
Color space / format YUV 4:2:0
Bit depth 8 bits/pixel
Output (MVE-100 SDK) Input (MVD-100 SDK) MPEG-4 MVC/H.264 elementary stream 32kbps to 300Mbps



'MVE-100 SDK / MVD-100 SDK' Pamphlet 437KB PDF