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Flexibility in modifying and improving network configuration and topology is important to optimize IT resources in responding to the business environment changes. The importance of flexibility increases more and more because of the progress in virtualization technology of Ethernet Fabric and Software-Defined Network (SDN).
NTT AT's Intelligent Optical Switches are the key devices, which enable you to reconfigure your network hardware and paths flexibly and dynamically. The Intelligent Optical Switches provide flexibility in installation, replacement, maintenance and reconfiguration of network hardware and paths, resulting in extreme high reliability and availability, and OPEX reduction.

NSW Intelligent Optical Switch

Application Fields of NTT-AT Intelligent Optical Switches

The following fields are all optimum application fields of NTT AT's Intelligent Optical Switches, where reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) are placing high priority.

  • Internet Exchange Service Providers (IX)
  • Internet Service Providers (ISP)
  • Network Carriers
  • Data Centers (DC)
  • Multiple Systems Operators (MSO)
  • CATV Service Providers

Fields of Applications Ontelligent Optical Switches

You can see various applications in the field in Applications.


Benefits Provided by NTT-AT Intelligent Optical Switches

  • Dramatically cut network break down time by automatic switching in the physical layer in 10 msec, resulting in high network availability of over 99.9999% and greatly reducing the network operation costs.
  • Provide flexibility in designing network configuration without much concerning about types of networks, communication protocols, transmission speed, and so on.
  • No impact on network communication quality in the event of power outage or power return. The intelligent optical switches have self-retentive switching mechanism, thus maintains the switching state before the event.
  • Automatically respond to a sudden event such as a power outage, etc., and instantly switch paths according to pre-programmed procedures. This greatly reduces actual loads of field operators in such an event, as well as minimizing the ramification of troubles occurred.
  • Enable to configure network link aggregations easily and flexibly, in multiple locations in an integrated fashion, resulting in enhancing the operation efficiency of system resources.
  • Provide less risk and flexible installation / upgrade of new machines, paths or services to the actual live systems. When installing new hardware or services to the actual live systems, unexpected troubles may sometimes happen even if all has been fully prepared. At sudden event, the intelligent optical switches instantly disconnect the new hardware or services just installed, and place the system back to the normal operation state in a short time.
  • Offer regular remote surveillance of optical power and physical switching state of systems and paths in multi-locations.

Functional Applications of NTT-AT Intelligent Optical Switches

The use of NSW Intelligent Optical Switches can address and reduce many concerns that may occur in:

  • Easy and safe installation of new equipment or services to actual live networks
  • Scalability for future expansion or upgrade of system configuration
  • Enhancement availability of network systems
  • Redundancy of network hardware, including routers, switches, WDM equipment.
  • Bypassing or changeover of transmission lines, optical passes
  • Remote control and remote surveillance of network systems and paths via internet
  • Analysis and visualization of network conditions and status
  • Automatic changeover or switching of optical paths in an event occurrences
  • Design and operation of link aggregation systems

Various applications in the field are described in Applications.

Fundamental Features of NTT-AT Intelligent Optical Switches

  • "Optically transparent" switching devices realizing simple switching no matter the type, speed and protocol of networks
  • High reliable optical switches conforming to Telcordia GR1221 and GR1073 and with low FIT of 60
  • Standard 19 inch rack plug-in module design suitable for customization
  • Slot-in and swappable design for easy maintenance
  • Short switching time of a maximum of 10 ms reducing drop of communication data or video frame
  • Passive optical switch with a self-retentive mechanism that maintains switching state in sudden power outage.
  • Multiple optical switching realizing interlocking operation in response to Link Aggregation Environment
  • Unique SNMP based management, telnet, SSH operation provided for remote control and surveillance
  • Optical power monitoring and power change detection that enable switching optical paths automatically and instantly according to preset conditions

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