Nano Imprint Resin
Nano Imprint Resin
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The adhesive technology used in optical communications is one of the key technologies


Nano imprint lithography

 Nano imprint lithography is the next generation process technology. The simple and low cost fabrication technology enables nano-scale patterns. High refractive index, UV curable, nano imprint resin provides highly functional fine patterns.


UV Nano imprint lithography Image

High Accuracy

UV curing nano imprint lithography achieves high accuracy without high temperature processing.

Characteristics of Resin can be Customized

By modifying the composition of UV resin, the characteristics can be customized.

High Light Transmittance

Although the refractive index of the material is high, the resin has a high light transmittance around a wavelength 450nm or above.

Specifications / Details


  Item Test method : Condition Unit #18210
Before curing Viscosity E-type viscometer : 25°C mPa·s 15
Curing Conditions Pre Baking Conditions - - 115°C 1min
UV Curing Conditions - - 100mW/cm2 5min
After curing Refractive Index(nD) Prism coupler: 25°C λ=403nm 1.77
λ=633nm 1.72
λ=848nm 1.71
Abbe's number Abbe refractometer : 25°C - 30
Tg Differential scanning calorimetry °C 108
Transmittance Spectrophotometer: Sample Thickness:2μm λ=450nm % 94
λ=540nm 95
λ=630nm 95

Optical Transmittance and Pattern Accuracy

Optical Transmittance

Transmittance around 450nm is high
The resin has a high optical transmittance around a wavelength 450nm or above.

Pattern examples

Pillar pattern
Pillar pattern
Pillar pattern
Pillar pattern
Hole pattern example
Hole pattern
Line and Space  pattern example
Line and Space pattern

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