Manually Operated Polishing Tool & Field Assembly Connector POP-FA Kit
Manually Operated Polishing Tool & Field Assembly Connector POP-FA Kit

Polish without using water!!
This palm sized polishing tool doesn't need batteries and can do both PC polishing or APC polishing to easily assemble connectors at the work site!

Manually Operated Polishing Tool and Field Assembly Connector Photo

Benefits / Features


Ideal for FTTH construction sites such as closures and in-home terminal connections.  With APC polishing, it can achieve a return loss of more than 60 dB. It also gives superior environmental resistance than the mechanical splice type field assembly connector.

Assemble connectors quickly and easily

Simply insert the fiber into the specialized connector part, position it using the jig, then polish using the draw string operated polishing tool.  The assembly is complete with just 3 easy steps!

Manually operated tool, does not need batteries

Polishing liquid and water are not needed, and one drawstring pull takes about 20 seconds. Since the kit’s dedicated ferrule end face is pre-polished, APC polish is complete with only 1 time and PC with 2 times.

Excellent Optical Properties & Environmental Resistance

A high return loss of 40 dB or more for PC type and 60 dB or more for APC type, and a connection loss of less than 0.5 dB is realized. Unlike the mechanical splice type, it does not use a refractive index matching agent, so it has excellent environmental resistance.

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Specifications / Details


Structure of Field Assembly Connector
                    ↑Angled polished fiber end face


Compatible Connectors SC
Polished Shape PC, APC (Angle PC)
Types of Fiber Single Mode (SM), Multi-mode (MM)
Compatible Cable Drop Cable (2mm x 3mm, 1.6mm x 2mm)
Optical Properties PC: Connection loss IL ≦ 0.5 dB, return loss RL ≧ 40 dB
APC: Connection loss IL ≦ 0.5 dB, return loss RL ≧ 60 dB

Mechanical and Environmental Performance

Test Condition Performance
Repeatability > 50times ΔIL ≤ 0.20 dB
RL ≥ 60 dB

IL: Insertion Loss
RL: Return Loss
Traction Cord 10N, 120sec
Fall 50cm, 10times
Vibration 10-55Hz, 0.75mm p-p, 90min
Cold -25°C, 96h
Dry Heat 75°C, 96h
Temperature Cycle -25°C ~70°C, 12cycles

Tool Set and Components

POP-FA Kit tool set and Components

Assembling Procedure

Connector Assembling procedure
        *Each polishing film should be used one time only.

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