Pressure/Vacuum Compact Clean Oven PCO-083TA
Pressure/Vacuum Compact Clean Oven PCO-083TA

Pressure-and-heat treatment for removing bubbles in seal or adhesion resins.

Pressure/Vacuum Compact Clean Oven PCO-083TA

Benefits / Features

Wider control range for pressure and temperature

Both pressure and vacuum treatments can be performed with only one device.
Arbitrarily-specified pressure from 0 to 0.5 MPa is useful for pressurized applications.
Heat treatment up to 350 C is available for resin applications at high temperature, e.g., polyimide curing.
Pressure/Vacuum Compact Oven PCO-083TA
Pressure/Vacuum Compact Oven PCO-083TA

Space saving

A small footprint is achieved in spite of a large chamber to load 10 wafers of 200 mm in diameter.

High performance for R&D or small production

Simple operation and easy setup of temperature and pressure promote R&D activities.
High efficiency is obtained by programmable temperature control and adjustable pressure condition.

Several safety devices

High safety is ensured by a door lock system at pressurization, an overheat protector, and safety valves for over pressure.

Pressure/Vacuum Compact Clean Oven PCO-083TA Inquiry

Specifications / Details


Pressure Controllable Automatic Oven PCOA-01T PCO-083TA
  • Maximum operating temperature:
      350°C (PCO-083TA),400°C (PCO-083TAH)
  • Maximum operating pressure: 0.5 MPa
  • Ultimate vacuum pressure: 10 Pa
  • Adjustable increasing rates of temperature / pressure
  • Small footprint less than 1m2
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Exchangable stainless steel interior
  • Signal tower to indicate the status of operation

The compact oven is applicable to the various fields;

Example of Pressure-and-heat treatment

Example of Pressure-and-heat treatment/Pressure/Vacuum Compact Clean Oven PCO-083TA

Best fitted to thermal treatment in the mounting process of semiconductor devices, etc.


Temperature property maximum 350°C (distribution ±5°C )
Pressure range press: 0 to 0.5 MPa, vac: ca. 10 Pa (ultimate)
Max. sample size φ200 mm
Capacity φ240 x H160 mm
Exchange gas N2 (5-6 MPa)
Internal material stainless steel plate (exchangeable)
Power supply 200 V?50/60 Hz?2.5 kVA
Outside dimensions W640×D520×H650?(mm)
Weight 85 kg
Specifications/Pressure/Vacuum Compact Clean Oven PCO-083TA



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