Scale for metrology
Scale for metrology

Standard type scale

Benefits / Features

  • Suitable for calibration of length and angle of scanning probe essential for ultra fine pattern evaluation.
  • Reasonable price with short delivery

* "Custom-made" scale is available for ultra fine patterns with the pitch of 100nm or smaller.

Specifications / Details


Type Vertical type
Taperde type
Application Length calibration, probe structure evaluation Angle calibration
  • With anisotropic etching of Si(110) substrate, pattern structure is precisely vertical.
  • Able to measure precise probe structure thanks to good verticality
  • With anisotropic etching of Si(100) substrate, tapered angle of each pattern is precisely 54.7 degrees.
  • Suitable for confirmation of equipment reproducibility
Angle 90 degree 54.74 degree
Pattern type 1:1 L&S (Outside of the patterned area is concave) 4 different types :
400 nmL&S
400 nm Grid
200 nmL&S
100 nmL&S
Line width
(Convex area)
50 ~ 250 nm 100 ~ 400 nm
Pattern depth 125 nm±20% 100 ~ 200 nm (as is)
Patternde area 200µ × 200µ 180µ × 184µ × 4 (types)
Substrate Si 10mm × 10mm × 0.525mmt Si 10mm × 10mm × 0.525mmt

* Please note that the specifications may be subject to change without any prior notice.

Vertical type AS100P-D

SEM observation image
Scale for metrology
SEM observation image
Cross section of 100nm pitch L&&S

Taperde type AS200P-A

AFM observation image
(Unit : Horizontal direction : µm, Vertical direction : nm)
Scale for metrology Scale for metrology
400nm pitch L&S pattern 800nm pitch grid pattern

Example of Custom-made scale (e.x. vertical type with 50nm pitch)

TEM observation image
Scale for metrology
Cross section of 50nm pitch L&S

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