Step grating
Step grating

NTT-AT provides low-roughness and high-accuracy step grating. Please try our fine optics based on semiconductor process technology.

4 to 8 step grating with high accuracy.

Benefits / Features


  • Step shape grating fabrication
  • Nanometer order pattern accuracy

Specifications / Details


Lens 1D , 2D Fresnel zone plate
Beam splitter Step grating
Wavelength filter Phase shift mark , polarizer
4STEP - SiO2patterns
(1step height= 0.3µm)
6STEP - Si patterns
(1step height= 1.2µm


Pitch 0.2µm - 500µm
Depth 0.1µm - 3µm
Patterned area squares in several millimeters
Materials Ta , SiO2 / Si , Si , quartz etc
Shape step

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