V-groove grating
V-groove grating

Blazed grating

Benefits / Features

  • Fabricate V-groove with Sub µm ~ several µm depth
  • Triangle cross-section with the flat apical region of 50nm or smaller

Specifications / Details


  • The following are the typical specifications
  • Please feel free to contact us for "custom-made" grating according to your requirements
Pitch Sub µm ~ 100µm
Depth Sub µm ~ 100µm
Pattern area 1 ~ 20mm square
Material Si
Structure V groove (first facet angle : 54.7 degree),
Please feel free to contact us regarding "Blaze structure"

Pattern examples

V-groove grating V-groove grating
V-groove grating (pitch : 1µm) Cross section of grating (pitch : 1µm)

Product Inquiry

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