X-ray Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP)
X-ray Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP)
Image of X-ray Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP)

SiC membrane-based FZP, only from NTT-AT in the world


NTT-AT's Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP), constructed from SiC membrane and Ta absorber pattern, has an outstandingly high X-ray irradiation durability, high resolution, and high contrast.

Only NTT-AT provides the SiC membrane-based Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP), which has an outstandingly high X-ray irradiation durability. NTT-AT's FZP is constructed from dry etched Ta. It has a sharp absorber pattern and achieves a high S/N ratio and low defect imaging, and is ideal for applications such as X-ray microscopes, X-ray micro-beam irradiation, and X-ray imaging.

In addition, the Ta pattern/SiN membrane-type FZP and Au plated pattern/SiN membrane-type FZP are provided for using in soft X-ray and extreme ultraviolet (EUV/XUV) regions. In addition, a Step (Kinoform) FZP is available.


Key points

  • Useful for various X-ray applications such as X-ray microscopes, EUV microscopes, X-ray microbeam irradiation, and synchrotron radiation beam monitors, etc.
  • Outstandingly high X-ray irradiation durability
  • Minimum zone width up to 25 nm
  • Customized FZP also available

Standard product list with specifications

Model Aspect
D (um) N Tm (nm)
FZP-S38/84 4.2 SiN 0.15 38 84 550 160
FZP-S50/80 5 SiN 0.2 50 80 400 250
FZP-S40/155 5 SiN 2 40 155 970 200
FZP-S50/330 8 SiN 1 50 330 1,650 400
FZP-S86/416 8 SiN 2 86 416 1,200 700
FZP-100/155 8 SiN 2 100 155 388 800
FZP-173/208 5.8 SiN 2 173 208 300 1,000
FZP-200/206 8 SiN 2 200 206 255 1,600
FZP-C234/2500 0.6 SiC 0.2 234 2,500 2,670 150
* Please note that the specifications may be subject to change without notice.

Rn : Outermost Zone Width
D : Diameter
N : Total Zone
Tm : Ta Thickness

Standard lead time: 12 weeks

X-ray absorber pattern of Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP)

Custom designed FZPs are available upon request to suit your specific X-ray energy, optical setup and focus/image performance. Please feel free to contact us if you cannot find a product that meets your requirements in our catalogue of standard products.
xray_fzp_001 Pattern image (φ2.5mm)
(Optical microscope)
xray_fzp_002 Observed SEM image with diagonal angle

Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP) Structure

xray_fzp_003 Binary type
xray_fzp_004 Step (kinoform) type
Minimum zone width (outer most zone) 25nm
Maximum diameter 5mm
Membrane material SiN, SiC
Membrane thickness 0.2-2µm
Absorber material Ta
Absorber thickness 0.1-2µm
Si substrate shape 10mm square
Si substrate thickness 1mm
*We will be pleased to discuss different requirements with you.

X-ray Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP) Inquiry

Production example

Ultra fine pattern Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP)

Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP) diameter : 250µm, Ta thickness : 125nm, Outermost zone width : 25nm, Membrane : SiC 2.0µm

High aspect ratio (thicker Ta absorber) Fresnel Zone Plate(FZP)

Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP) diameter : 100µm, Ta thickness : 2.5µm, Outermost zone width : 250nm, Membrane : SiN 2.0µm

Step (Kinoform) type Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP)

Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP) diameter : 100µm, Ta thickness : 4.0µm, Outermost zone width : 400nm, Membrane : SiC 2.0µm
SEM image of the Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP) center area :Step (Kinoform) type Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP), Ta pattern

X-ray Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP) Inquiry

Past record

The  FZP with a combination of high durability, SiC membrane and sharp-shaped Ta X-ray absorber results in a tough and highly accurately shaped product.
NTT-AT's FZP has been used in many products throughout the world, proving of its high quality.

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Publication list (including co-authored papers):

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Comparison with other companies' products

Only NTT-AT provide SiC membrane-based FZPs. Custom design is also provided. Please feel free to contact us.

Product Inquiry

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