X-ray chart
X-ray chart
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The de facto standard of resolution evaluation charts for X-ray analysis.


NTT-AT's X-ray resolution evaluation charts are applied to several X-ray analysis situations which require ultra-high resolution, such as X-ray microscopes, X-ray micro-beam analysis, and X-ray imaging.  This de facto standard X-ray chart is used in a very large number of situations throughout the world.
High X-ray irradiation durability, ultra-sharp pattern, and low edge roughness. These are the biggest features of NTT-AT's X-ray chart. Our SiC membrane based Ta absorber chart has proved to be outstandingly accurate and provides clear images for your X-ray analysis system evaluation.
Please try out the proven performance as the de facto standard.


Three types of X-ray chart are available for various applications: standard type, high resolution and high contrast type, and ultra-high resolution type. Customization of the pattern layout and substrate dimensions is available for your system.


Item Standard type
High resolution type
with thicker Ta
Ultra high resolution
Substrate Material / Size Si 10mm square
Thickness 1mm 1mm 0.625mm
Membrane Material /
Ru 20nm
SiN 2µm
Ru 20nm
SiC 200nm
SiN 50nm
Ru 20nm
SiC 200nm
SiN 50nm
Area 1mm square 1mm square 1mm square
Alignment Center of the substrate Center of the substrate Center of the substrate
Pattern Absorber /
Ta 1µm Ta 500nm Ta 100nm
Minimum pattern
100nm 50nm 20nm
Radial Pattern
Patterned area 250µm × 350µm 300µm square 300µm square
Schematic of X-ray chart (High resolution chart)

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Ultra-high resolution type

XRESO-20 is the ultra-high resolution evaluation chart featuring minimum patern width of 20nm . This high specification model, released for sale in 2014, is applied to recent ultra-high resolution X-ray imaging system.
SEM image of chart Pattern layout
100nm hole X-ray_chart_14

①Radial Pattern
③④Hole Pattern
⑤⑥⑦⑧L&S Pattern
50nm L&S
20nm patterns 20nm Radial patterns
X-ray_chart_16 X-ray_chart_15

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Standard type

XRESO-100 provides a resolution of 100nm at low cost.  This high contrast standard chart has not only been applied to scientific fields but also to industry use, such as the calibration of X-ray inspection system.
Pattern layout

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High resolution type with thicker absorber

XRESO-50HC provides a high resolution of 50nm at a reasonable cost.  It has been applied to various applications such as X-ray micro beam irradiation, X-ray microscopes, and X-ray coherent imaging.
SEM image of chart Pattern layout
Radial patterns
Corresponding to point (1) of the pattern layout
50nm L&S
Corresponding to point (2) of the pattern layout

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Past record

NTT-AT's de facto standard X-ray resolution evaluation charts are utilized in worldwide enterprises, universities, and research institutes.

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Press release

NTT-AT's custom design X-ray test chart was introduced in a press release by Osaka University and Riken (published on March 4, 2013).

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