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1976 Business
  • The company was founded as Nippon Telecommunication Engineering Corporation with the Capital of 50 million yen
1978 Business
  • Launched technology transfer business
1980 Business
  • Established Society for Technology Transfer
  • Infused with capital from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (presently, NTT: Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation)
1981 Business
  • Opened new office in Yokosuka, Kanagawa
  • Launched sound analysis service
1983 Business
  • Launched technology transfer abroad
1984 Technical
  • Optical fiber fabrication using VAD
1985 Business
  • Privatization of NTT
  • Changed corporate name to NTT Technology Transfer Corporation
    Increased capital to 170 million yen
  • CDV (chemical vapor deposition) thin-film formation technology using ECR plasma
  • Fabrications process for CMOS LSIs
  • Fabrication of ultra-high-speed bipolar LSIs (SST process)
1986 Technical
  • Launched material analysis service
  • Integrated circuit simulator
1987 Technical
  • SC optical fiber connector technology
  • Multilayer board fabrication with copper/polyimide interconnection
  • Design technology for 16QAW digital microwave equipment
1988 Technical
  • ISDN network simulator
  • Launched EMC measurement service
  • MMIC circuit design technology
1989 Business
  • Hiroaki Fuketa was appointed as President
  • MT optical fiber connector technology
  • MASH analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters
  • Ordering system using F-Net (facsimile communication service)
1990 Business
  • Changed corporate name to NTT Advanced Technology Corporation
  • Increased capital to 470 million yen
  • Launched intellectual property business
1991 Technical
  • Digital service units (DSU) design technology for INS network service
  • New synchronous terminal design technology
1992 Technical
  • MPO optical fiber connector technology
  • Voice response system for telephone
  • X-ray mask for next generation LSI
1993 Business
  • Launched worker dispatching business and network integration business
  • Hi-PAS packaging technology
  • Digital wireless circuit design technology
  • MU optical fiber connector technology
  • SIMOX basic technology
1994 Business
  • Opened new office in Higashi-totsuka, Kanagawa
  • Launched new businesses related to education research, wireless technology and human interface
  • Exceeded 10 billion yen in sales
  • Equipment technology for digital motion picture files
  • Speech database (CD-ROM) containing voice samples in 21 languages
  • Objective measurement equipment for digital telephony speech quality
  • CAD tool for ASIC reliability analysis
  • Optical connector polisher for full range connectors
  • Fabrications process for 0.8µn;m Bipolar-CMOS LSI
1995 Business
  • Changed abbreviation of corporate name into NTT-AT
  • Established headquarters system in Head Office
  • Expanded business fields into node systems, CAD software, visual communication systems
  • Passive Double Star metdod technology
  • LSI design technology for personal handyphone systems
  • SIMOX board fabrication and quality evaluation technology
  • Low-voltage LSI technology
  • Intelligent hub technology
  • Automated optical fiber interferometer system
1996 Business
  • Exceeded 20 billion yen in sales
  • Reinforced fiber optics, radio wave technology and material analysis business
  • Tetsuhiko Ikegami was appointed as President
  • High-speed full-text search system
  • ISDN communication board
  • Super helpdesk service
  • Super water-repellent material
1997 Business
  • Number of employees surpassed 1,000
  • Established 6 Business Headquarters system
  • Newly established International Business Promotion Headquarters
  • Commended from NTT with the Prime Business Award
  • Superlattice APD technology
  • Copper CVD technology
  • Automatic processing and interferometer system for optical connector ferrule
1998 Business
  • Exceeded 30 billion yen in sales
  • Kimio Tazaki was appointed as President
  • Opened West Headquarters in Osaka, and Okinawa Office
  • Certified with ISO9001 for network and multimedia related systems
  • www server software for financial systems
  • Return loss measuring interferometer
  • Temperature distribution measuring equipment for printed board
  • Subscribers' wireless network design technology
  • Technology for manufacturing polyimide optical waveguides
1999 Business
  • Exceeded 40 billion yen in sales
  • Expanded fields certified with ISO9001 to communications systems and equipment, optical fiber connector related equipment and communications software
  • Certified with ISO14001 aiming to develop environmental management technologies
  • Moved Head Office to Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • Launched total network security service
  • Simple CTI system with voice recognition
  • Connoisseur service for technology and products
  • Automated E-mail classification and sending systems
2000 Business
  • Newly opened branch office in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Tokai and Kyushu to strengtden business base
  • Opened customer contact center
  • Established NTT-AT Systems Corporation and NTT-AT Techno Communications Corporation
  • 2mm grid cable connector
  • Electromagnetic environment design systems
  • Optical fiber connector intermateability test program
  • Disclosure support system for proceedings and images of local assembly
2001 Business
  • Achieved 50 billion yen in sales
  • Opened branch office in the U.S.A. to develop international business
  • Acquired the first certification of OHSAS18001 in NTT group
  • Certified with ISO9001:2000 for network, information, communication and visual systems
  • Established NTT-AT Intellectual Property Sharing Corporation
  • Automated inspection tool for Java source code
  • Simulation software for radio wave propagation
  • Sound support system for elderly and hearing impaired
2002 Business
  • Increased capital to 5 billion yen to become 100% subsidiary of NTT
  • Expanded fields certified with ISO9001:2000 to environmental sensors and services
  • Certified with ISO14001 for entire NTT-AT
  • Established NTT-AT Creative Corporation
  • Polisher for mass-production of optical fiber connectors
  • Biotelemetry system
  • Corrosion resistant powder coating for steel facilities
  • Optical fiber visual fault checker
  • Dragmotion movie creation software
  • High-quality voice syntdesizing system
  • Japan and US business metdod patents information search service
  • Wireless motion monitoring system
  • Traffic measurement system for TCP/IP communication
  • Optical fiber sensor for disaster prevention management
  • Echo cancellation software with noise reduction
  • Access control system using fingerprint autdentication
2003 Business
  • Certified with ISMS and BS7799-2 for Security Service Center
  • ISO14001 for the entire NTT-AT group companies
  • Established NTT-AT Nanofabrication Corporation
  • Total support service for public wireless LAN interconnection
  • Remote sensing and control system
  • Objective measurement system for VoIP telephony speech quality
  • Total EMC solutions for medical facilities
  • Internal information leakage prevention system
  • Laser manufacturing service for 2D-code plastic tag
  • Automatically giving kana program along with the Chinese characters
2004 Business
  • Hiroshi Ishikawa was appointed as President
  • Singing voice syntdesis technology
  • Pocket size solar battery for portable devices
  • Fine-hole fluorine resin sheet
  • IP multicast viewing management system
  • Visualizing system for IP network routing/signaling control information
  • Lightning surge wave recorder
  • Audio and visual recoderon PC
2005 Business
  • Global solutions business transferred from NTT-ME Corporation
  • Established Communication Systems Business Headquarters to spread channel of international products
  • Syntdesis system of high-reality 3D image
  • Emergency reporting and gatdering system
2006 Business
  • 30th anniversary of the company's founding
  • Acquisition of the Privacy Mark (P Mark) for all departments in NTT-AT
  • AP2Checker: Tester for wireless LAN access points
  • MediaSpark: Middleware for multicast communications
2007 Business
  • Shigehiko Suzuki appointed President
  • ServDefense: Overload-protection software for servers
  • LiveSpark
  • UFC-100 Ultra Fiber Checker
  • Q-pID OCR: Warehouse control system
  • MINDS: PDF-FAX server
  • AT WATCH NET System
  • NIRE Type 3: Active RFID system
  • SDM Lite Ver.1.0: Data-mining navigation software
  • Pheasant
  • ContentsArena: Multicast integrated distribution system
  • HDE-100: AVC/H.264 HDTV software-based encoder
  • TippingPoint 210E
  • Q-pID Handy
  • Q-pID RFID
  • ClearSight: Troubleshooting tools for next-generation networks
  • InfoMaster/Station
2008 Business
  • Established 7 Business Headquarters & 2 Business centers system (reorganized into three business fields: infrastructure, solutions and product sales).
  • ICT-24 Operation Center opened in Minatomirai, Kanagawa.
  • Acquisition of all shares in Mtack Corporation, making it a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • NTT-AT Mtack Corporation established.
  • AT WATCH NET M3 System
  • Q-pID Entry
  • SDM Lite: All-in-one data mining navigation software (Ver.2.0)
  • DiscussNetPremium
  • JPEG2000 Real-Time Codec
  • XG-2 Uncompressed HDTV-IP Gateway
  • Tsunagete Talk (announcement broadcasting): IP announcement system
  • Web Access Shaper 2.0: Web access optimizer
  • QpIDeal Web System
2009 Business
  • All NTT-AT Group companies acquire ISO 27001:2005 certification.
  • AT WATCH NET Still
  • KTN Scanner: Light-deflection module
  • Smart SPR: Bio-material measurement system
2010 Business
  • Takashi Hanazawa appointed President
  • "KTN optical scanner" wins the "CLEO/Laser Focus World Innovation Award" grand prize.
  • Established Shanghai representative office
  • Merges with NTT-AT Nanofabrication Corporation
  • RealTalk C7 received a Taipei Invention Award (Gold) at the 2010 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart
  • SIP Tool kit v5.5 GA3:Middleware for communication
  • BEEDESK:HD Video conference SDK for Windows
  • SSA-100:Simplicity Software Spectram Analyzer
  • AT WATCH NET IR_mini
  • Fiber monitor
  • RealTalk R7
  • Optical connector end-face automatic detector: FBP-NS-P series
  • BEEHD for Desktop v2.2
2011 Business
  • Received a Next generation accreditation mark “KURUMINN”
  • Obtained all the stocks of NTT-AT Techno Communications Corporation to make it a wholly owned subsidiary
  • Mobile video collaboration system: RealityVision
  • Low-noise, power-saving illumination: EcolonLIGHT-LED
  • Power-saving WDM: LightEdge4800
  • Q&A releasing service for municipalities: MatchWeb mobile version
  • Cloud-based call center service: MatchPhone ASP Home/Center
  • Microphone and speaker for videoconferencing: R-Talk
  • Web access optimizer: Web Access Shaper Cloud
2012 Business
  • Established the Productivity Innovation Department
  • Joint Research by Nagareyama City Assembly, Manifest Laboratory, Waseda University, and NTT-AT on “Aiming to provide an assembly website created with public participation
  • the NetEnforcer Streaming Cache Solution received a Special Award as part of the Interop Tokyo 2012 Best of Show Awards
  • All-in-one appliance: Pivot3 “vSTAC series”
  • CMS for release of municipality assembly information: GIKAI-web
2013 Business
  • HEVC Software CODEC HEVC-1000 SDK
2015 Business
  • George Kimura appointed President
2016 Business
  • 40th anniversary of the company's founding

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