Basic process services
Basic process services
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Total process suitable for small-scale production of key devices


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The overall process and the processing of 2”, 3”and 4”wafer sizes are provided for small-scale production of key devices and innovative devices. We accept requests for trial processing, prototyping, and small-scale fabrication and also for single process steps such as etching and insulating membrane formation, etc.

Process flow diagram


We have no in-house vacuum process available for special prototyping.

There is no engineer who is able to manage overall process control.

We want to prototype newly designed devices, but don't want to fabricate in-house in order to avoid contamination of the production line.

If you have any of the above requirements, please feel free to contact NTT-AT.

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Thin film

We provide a thin film fabrication service and a simple photolithographic patterning service using the equipment below.
We will also undertake partial processing and mask design. The following are only typical examples.
We can handle other materials. Please contact us.

Basic_Process_Services02 Basic_Process_Services03
6-inch metal laminated film
Thin-film inductor
(4×5.5mm and 0.5-mm thickness per element)



Materials that can be deposited Single metal film
Ag, Al, Au, Bi, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn, Mo, Nb, Ni, Pb, Pd, Pt, Re, Rh, Ru, Sn, Sc, Ta, Ti, V, W, Zr We can fabricate films of other materials if you provide them.

Alloy film
AnSn, CoNi, CoP, 45Ni-Fe, 81Ni-Fe, CoZrTa, CoCr, etc

Oxide film
Al2O3, B2O3, ITO, MgO, SiO2, thermal oxide Si, Ta2O5, TiO2, etc.

B, B4C, BN, C, CaF2, Ge, SrF2, MgF2, Cr3C2, LiF, SrF2, SiC, SiN, TiN, various silicides, etc.

Usually, up to 4-inch (101.6-mm) in diameter is supported. Up to 8-inch in diameter is supported by magnetron sputtering systems. With some materials, only up to 2-inch in diameter is supported.

Film quality
We can attach the results of chemical composition analysis and impurities analysis using AES, SIMS and fluorescent X-ray analysis. Also, we will monitor the pattern configuration using an SEM.

We provide simple patterning including mask design.
The main etching method is ion beam etching. Pattern precision is 3 mm.



  1. Film for various tests, including etching test
  2. Magnetic film
  3. Multi-layered X-ray mirror
  4. Analytical standard test sample


  1. Fabrication of 5-mm SiO2 on a plastic substrate while making the surface flat
  2. Fabrication of a test sample for measuring the dielectric constant of photo-resist film or SiO2 film
    (Patterning of 1-mm or 2-mm-diameter dielectric film which is sandwiched between Cu films)
  3. Fabrication of 15-mm SiO2 on ceramic substrate
  4. Fabrication of permalloy film on glass substrate and measurement of its BH characteristics
  5. Fabrication of Cu electrode film in mid-process
  6. Patterning of ITO electrode terminal on glass substrate
  7. Fabrication of thin-film inductor
  8. Fabrication of laminated

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Polishing, Cleaving, Dicing, Bonding

Benefits / Features

Various post-processing services available, such as wafer polishing, cleaving, dicing, Au wire bonding, etc.

Specifications / Details

Wafer polishing

  • Wafer surface polishing, wafer backside polishing, thinning, etc.
  • Depending on different needs, various polishing machines, polishing materials availabl
Available wafers Available sizes
GaAs, InP 2, 3 inch phi, non-standard size wafer

InP, GaAs, Si, Quartz and Sapphire substrate using high precision diamond blade and high precision process machine.

Available wafers Available sizes OPTIONS
GaAs, InP, Si, LiNbO3, quartz, sapphire, LT, SiC 2, 3, 6 inch phi, non-standard size wafer Chipping with cleaving, Chip removal, Removal of cover resist for dicing, Chip cleaning
Dicing example (Si substrate)

After the dicing
We also provide "removal of protective film for dicing (such as resist)" and "cleaning" as well.

InP wafer, GaAs wafer using diamond pencil, scribing tool and braking tool for auto-cleaving.

Mount / Wire bonding
Mounting of electrical devices and optical device chip and Au wire bonding available

Basic_Process_Services09 Basic_Process_Services10
ex1) Au wiring with wedge bonder ex2) Au wiring with ball bonder
Notes : This content may be subject to change without notice.
           These stated pattern features and structures are representative and not guaranteed.
           Actual pattern features and structures are determined by the conditions and make-up of the samples and the required
           pattern structures, etc.

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Metal deposition

Benefits / Features

  • Various metal deposition processes available using resistance heating, EB deposition, sputtering, etc.
  • Metal patterning using the 2 layer resist (lift-off) is also available.

Specifications / Details


Equipment Available metals Available wafers Available sizes
Resistance heating Au, Cr, Au-based alloys GaAs, InP, Si, Quartz, SiC, GaN 2inch phi, non-standard size wafer (< 2inch phi)
Electron beam evaporation Ti, Pt, Au, Cr, AuGe, Al, Ni 2, 3, 4, 6inch phi, non-standard size wafer
Sputtering Au 2, 3inch phi


  • EB evaporation achieves high purity film deposition compared to resistance heating.
  • Other metal material available with EB evaporation.Please contact us for the details
  • Able to provide metal etching for semiconductor devices
  • Patterning with Au plating is available

Examples (SEM images)

The following patterns are fabricated on some substrates using two-layer resist method with reduced projection exposure and metal laminate deposition with EB evaporation.

Basic_Process_Services11 Basic_Process_Services12
metal dot metal mesh
Basic_Process_Services13 Basic_Process_Services14
ultra fine metal (Ti/Au)
nano dot(Au=50nmφ)

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Insulating film deposition

Various types of insulating film with plasma CVD, sputtering and EB evaporation

Benefits / Features


  • SiO2 layer and SiNx layer can be deposited at the temperature of 200°C and 300°C with plasma CVD
  • AR layer with highly controlled depostion technique and multi-layered HR layer with sputtering are also available(Depending on required wavelength, low reflecting film is also available.)

Specifications / Details


Equipment / method Available insulating films Available wafers Available sizes
Plasma CVD SiNx, SiO2 GaAs, InP, Si, Quartz, Sapphire, GaN, SiC 2 - 4 inch phi, non-standard size wafer
Sputtering SiO2, TiO2, Al2O3, a-Si
Electron beam evaporation SiO2, TiO2, Al2O3
Example :

Desymmetrization of the resonator end face for semiconductor lasers
«Reflectivity of AR layer and HR layer of InP monitor substrate»

Basic_Process_Services16 Basic_Process_Services17
Reflectivity of AR Reflectivity of HR
Notes : This content may be subject to change without notice.
           These stated pattern features and structures are representative and not guaranteed.
           Actual pattern features and structures are determined by the conditions and make-up of the samples and the required
           pattern structures, etc.

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