Toroidal mirrors
Toroidal mirrors
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Custom designable Toroidal mirrors for world wide customer

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Toroidal mirrors
NTT-AT has been supplying high-quality custom toroidal mirrors for all UV-EUV applications. In particular, backed by its extensive experience and outstanding skills, it provides custom-designable toroidal mirrors adapted to meet individual customer requirements.


Research institutes around the world have continued to choose NTT-AT's Toroidal mirrors because of their quality. Multi-layer materials and structure are customized to meet your detailed specifications, such as substrate, peak wavelength, bandwidth, and dispersion. High heat-durability multi-layer mirrors are also supported. A reflectivity evaluation service using synchrotron facilities is also available as an option.

Product descriptions


Parameters for custom specifications
Max Length           150mm
Radius  > 10mm
Surface Accuracy  < Lambda/4 @633 nm 
Surface roughness < 0.5 nm rms  
Surface Quality  20-10  
Material Fused silica

Au, Ni, Ru, SiC, B4C, C

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Toroidal mirrors Inquiry

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