Optical Adhesives FAQ
Optical Adhesives FAQ
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NTT-AT provides detailed solutions that meet customers' needs for various types of optical adhesive.

Optical Adhesives FAQ

This FAQ introduces many of the frequently asked questions about our Optical Adhesives List

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Q1 : What kind of ultraviolet curing unit is best to use ?
A1 Please use an ultraviolet curing unit using a high pressure mercury lamp, metal halide lamp, etc, capable of radiating 365nm wavelength optics.
Q2 : Is any kind of preparation required before using adhesives ?
A2 There is no special preparation required, although it is good to clean the surfaces being joined. Also, depending on the material, bonding strength is improved by handling with coupling equipment or plasma.
Q3 : Is there a dependency between the wavelength and the refraction index of the adhesive ?
A3 There is a wavelength dependency, so when you request refractive index adjustment products please specify the necessary wavelength. The wavelengths which our company can measure are Na-D line (589 nm), 633 nm, 830 nm, 1300 nm, and 1550 nm.
Q4 : How can I learn more about Telecordia (formerly Belcore) research ?
A4 Visit the Telecordia homepage >>> http://www.telcordia.com/
Q5 : Please tell me more details about optical parts evaluation testing.
A5 here are a variety of measurements, such as loss and durability, etc, and large-scale measuring equipment may be necessary. Our company performs various measurement and testing services for optical material. Please contact an NTT-AT representative for more details.
Q6 : Can you deliver adhesives to us in a syringe format? Is it possible to put NTT-AT adhesives into syringes provided by our company ?
A6 Although we don't recommend sending the adhesives in syringes as it may leak in air transit, it is possible to deliver the adhesives to you in our standard syringes. It is also possible for us to deliver to you adhesives already packaged in syringes which you have sent to us in advance. (Some charges may apply for this service, depending on conditions). Please contact an NTT-AT representative for more details.
Q7 : Can you inform us how to dispose of adhesives ?
A7 Please see MSDS for cautions related to disposal of adhesives. We will send you an MSDS upon request.
Q8 : What is the best way to prevent foaming ?
A8 We recommend defoaming using a centrifugal bubble escape machine or a vacuum bubble escape machine. Please make sure to use the machine for the appropriate length of time.
Q9 : What style of packaging is used to ship these products ?
A9 Shipping is different depending on the kind of adhesive. Brown glass bottles, metal tubes, etc. are used. Please click << here >> to see the photograph.

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