Sealant for Optical Parts
Sealant for Optical Parts

The Sealant for Optical Parts is one of the key technologies we offer.

In order to increase the long term reliability of mechanical protection, moisture prevention, etc., optical parts are housed in a protective case made by metal or plastic. Through the special features of these sealants used for the openings and junctions of protective cases , the reliability, especially moisture prevention reliability is greatly expanded.
We introduce here sealants that were developed for the purpose of preventing moisture in optical parts. If you have been unsatisfied with conventional products , please test out these materials.

Not containing phthalate ester which has been listed in the RoHS Directive(EU)2015/863

Benefits / Features

Special Features

Low Moisture Permeability

The low moisture permeability type sealant has a low moisture permeability coefficient  and shuts out moisture (humidity).


The high flexibility type sealant gives very little internal stress which causes transmission loss in optical fiber.

Long Pot Life

The improvement in workability in our lineup delivers a long pot life.

Moisture prevention sealant
for protective casing for optical parts
for electronic component parts and general electric parts, etc.
Moisture resistant adhesives
for assembly of all types of devices


Curing Conditions: 24 hrs at room temperature or 1 hr at 80°C*
* OS-48 - Room Temperature 24hr or 100°C 1hr

[Main ingredient]
Conditions before Curing Mixture Ratio
(Weight ratio)
Pot Life
(Shore D)
Shear Bond
to SUS
Special Features
A: Epoxy
B: Amine
A: White Paste
B: Transparent Fluid
(light yellow)
10/3 2 1.6×10-8 47 131 Low Viscosity
A: Epoxy
B: Amine
A: White Paste
B: Transparent Fluid
(light yellow)
21/3 2 0.7×10-8 66 146 High Moisture Resistance
A: Amine
B: Modified Epoxy
A: Transparent
B: Black
1/2 2 3×10-7 20 24 S3903-5 RoHS
Conforming Product
A: Butylene
B: Butylene
A: White
B: Black
1/1 3 1×10-8
(Shore A)
11 Long Pot Life
Low Hardness


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