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EUV Half mirror
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EUV half mirrors, only from NTT-AT

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Only by using an NTT-AT EUV half mirror, also known as a EUV multilayer beam splitter, can an interferometer for the extreme ultraviolet region be configured, operating in a similar way to those for the visible region and the normal UV region. This free-standing Mo/Si multilayer is applied to various applications in the EUV field such as EUV/X-ray microscopes, EUV/X-ray astronomical telescopes, EUV pump-probe experiments and EUV beam monitor systems.
The proprietary technologies of free-standing thin-film formation, derived from semiconductor process technology, and EUV multilayer formation, derived from optical coating technology, have enabled NTT-AT to develop and sell the EUV half mirror.


Typical specifications:
Holder diameter: 25.4mm
Half mirror area: 10mm x 10mm
Incident angle: between 0 degrees and 45 degrees
Center wavelength: 13.5nm and 13.9 nm
(Customization is available upon request.)
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The Mo/Si free-standing multilayer EUV half mirror is designed and manufactured with 30% reflectivity and 30% transmittance at an approximate wavelength of 13nm. A customized design is available with a specific incident angle, center wavelength, etc, on request.

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The EUV half mirror (or EUV beam splitter) is the key component required to configure an EUV phase interference microscope. The EUV phase interference microscope is being studied as a powerful tool for defect inspections in EUV lithography masks and mask blanks.


Papers &Publications

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Past records

The EUV half mirror is manufactured and sold in the world only by NTT-AT, and it is utilized in science and industrial applications. This new optical component has been introduced in several published articles shown in the article list.

Paper lists

Maki Kishimoto, Kazumichi Namikawa, Kouta Sukegawa, Hiroshi Yamatani, Noboru Hasegawa and Momoko Tanaka “Intensity correlation measurement system by picosecond single shot soft x-ray laser,” Rev. Sci. Instrum. 81, 013905 (2010);

Publication list (including co-authored papers):

H. Takenaka, S. Ichimaru, T. Haga, T. Ohchi, H. Ito, Y. Muramatsu, E.M. Gullikson and R.C.C. Perera, “Fabrication of soft X-ray beam splitters for use in the wavelength region around 13 nm,” J. Phys. IV France 104 251 (2003);

Comparison with other companies' products

Why can only NTT-AT manufacture the EUV half mirror?
This is because NTT-AT has technologies with different roots: fine processing technology and multilayer deposition technology.
NTT-AT is also expanding its business as a world-leader in these technical fields.

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