Compact Supercritical Dryer
Compact Supercritical Dryer

For Preventing pattern collapse

Compact Supercritical Dryer

A pattern collapses when liquid surrounding the pattern in various fabrication processes dries up.
Supercritical drying can prevent the pattern collapse.

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Benefits / Features

Novel supercritical process

  • The new solvent; non-flammable, and low-toxic fluorocarbon liquid (HFE), which is different from conventional high-pressure CO2 gas, is used as a supercritical material.
  • Critical pressure of HFE is about one-third of that of CO2. It enables the downsizing of system.
  • High zeta potential of HFE avoids particle adhesion.

Simple operation

  • Process is started by only pushing a start button after filling the chamber with HFE.
  • No additional high-pressure gas cylinder is necessary.

Space saving

  • The footprint is less than 1m2 , e.g., for laboratory use.

Easy Customization

  • Simple device configuration enables customers to design the chamber with a various size.

Safety devices

  • High safety is maintained by a door lock system, an overheat protector, safety valves for overpressure, etc.

Specifications / Details


Compact Supercritical Dryer PCO-4SC
For laboratory use

typical process pressure : 2.6 MPa
typical process temperature : 473 K
chamber capacity : around 60 cc
overall size : W 500 x D 400 x H 470 mm

The effect of supercritical HFE drying

Cantilever Structure



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Compact Supercritical Dryer Inquiry
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