GaN HEMT epiwafers
GaN HEMT epiwafers
Image of GaN HEMT epiwafers

GaN HEMT epiwafers with low leakage current, enabled by our original buffer growth technique

Various HEMT structures available. Low cost and fast delivery.
Update: New standard HEMT structure for Power application (on 6 inch Si)
Structure targeting higher mobility available.

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Benefits of using GaN

Using gallium nitride (GaN) HEMT epiwafer brings various benefits for the next generation high frequency and high power devices. At the device level, GaN devices (such as GaN FET) exceed limitations of the conventional Si devices. GaN devices can achieve very high power efficiency, which accordingly reduces their size and lower power consumption, consequently that of their final products.

  • 5G-related RF devices, such as power amplifier
  • High-efficiency power electronics devices, such as power supplies, DC/DC converter, etc.
  • Durable and reliable devices in harsh environments
  • High-end sensor devices

What we do

For device manufacturers

NTT-AT provides high-performance and high-quality GaN HEMT epitaxial wafers with:

  1. High epi-layer uniformity, achieved by precise controls of growth conditions,
  2. High breakdown voltage and low leakage current, acheived by our unique optimized buffer layer,
  3. Excellent two-dimensional electron gas(2DEG)properties, acheived by precise control of growth conditions,
  4. Low RF loss achieved by optimized interlayer growth techniques, and 
  5. Clean surface with minimal particles, leading to high device production yields.
Over the past 10 years, NTT-AT GaN epitaxial wafers have good track record for both industrial and academic customers.


Leakage Current Density

GaN Epiwafer_Leak current density

Production flexibility

Very flexible to meet wide range of production volumes

Small quantity for prototyping
Larger quantity for mass production needs

Able to provide various kinds of substrate

Si Sapphire SiC GaN
2-8" 2-3" 2-6" 2-4"

Epitaxial growth on Si, SiC, Sapphire and GaN substrates is available.
8 inch GaN on Silicon is also available with the same quality as 6 inch cases on request.

  • Click here to download a leaflet of AlGaN/GaN HEMT on 6 inch Si (PDF:82KB)
  • Click here to download an inspection data (PDF:90KB)
  • We can also provide device manufacturing and material analysis.
  • Foundry and material analysis services
    NTT-AT also provides process services (including MEMS device prototyping, and etching services) and material analysis services.

InAlN HEMT structure

  • Detailed specifications: click here to download a leaflet of InAlN/GaN HEMT (PDF:385KB)
Dependent on stock level, delivery may be delayed. Please inquire.


Specifications / Details

HEMT structure for Power application (on 6 inch Si)

Low cost and fast delivery.
Various HEMT structures available.
Click the “part number” and contact us to inquire on the current status of its stock availability.
Part Number GaN cap AlGaN Barrier AlN
GaN Channel Stock
Al Content Thickness
SEE61K22025S25G 2nm 0.20 25nm 1nm 250nm
SEE61K22227S20G 0.22 27nm 200nm
SEE61K22227S30G 300nm
SEE61K22515S30G 0.25 15nm
SEE61K22520S30G 20nm
SEE61K22525S30G 25nm
SEE61K23020S30G 0.30 20nm
SEE61K21745N30G 0.17 45nm - 300nm
SEE61K22520N30G 0.25 20nm 300nm
SEE61K22520N35G 350nm
SEE61K22520N40G 400nm
SEE61K22526N15G 26nm 150nm
SEE61K22526N20G 200nm
SEE61K22526N35G 350nm
SEE61K22527N35G 27nm
SEE61K23020N30G 0.30 20nm 300nm
SEE61K02822S30G - 0.28 22nm 1nm 300nm
Cap Layer
Material GaN
Thickness 2 (nm) or No cap
Material AlGaN
Al content 20~30 (%)
Thickness 15~ 27 (nm)
Material GaN
Thickness 150~400 (nm)
Doping C-doping
Thickness ~3900 (nm)
Silicon 1mm thickness
Sheet resistance: 350~400 ohm/sq. (w/ AlN spacer), 450~500 ohm/sq. (w/o AlN spacer)
Electron Mobility: ~ 1700 to 1900 cm2/Vs
FWHM (002): <800 arcsec
FWHM (102): <1400 arcsec
Breakdown voltage: 800 V – 1000 V (depending on the device structure)
Bowing value: < 50 um

Customization is also available;
- Following parameters can be changed accordingly:
1) AlN spacer insertion to control 2DEG characteristics,
2) Barrier spec can be modified to adjust to required 2DEG characteristics,
3) Channel layer thickness, and
4) Cap layer thickness.
If you require other specifications,  please feel free to contact us for futher information. We are more than pleased to offer solutions.

This product has been classified under Item 7(18) in the Export Control Order Attachment List 1 by Japan's Ministry of Economy,
Trade and Industry (METI), and a license from METI is required for its export.

Papers &Publications

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Gan HEMT epiwafers Inquiry
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