Humidity Control Sheet
Humidity Control Sheet

A dew condensation protection sheet for telecommunication equipment installed outdoors.

The Condensation Buster!
Protects telecommunication equipment from problems.

Do you have problems with your equipment caused by dew condensation in damp and humid environments?
Problems such as communication trouble from rust building on device chassis or base materials and fires due to short circuits?
Picture of dew condensation and device chassis
NTT-AT has a solution for you
The "Humidity Control Sheet" is a highly effective equipment maintenance product to prevent problems caused by dew condensation by utilizing a special fabric manufactured by NTT-AT.

Benefits / Features

Dew condensation problems are solved with Humidity Control Sheet!

The excellent humidity control function of "Humidity Control Sheet" constantly*1 maintains humidity at a certain level by absorbing and releasing moisture in the air.
The result of outdoor tests(see the figure to the right) indicates the humidity levels in a box without Humidity Control Sheet(Blue Line) changed according to the air humidity levels(Green Line), but the humidity levels in a box with Humidity Control Sheet were maintained in a fixed range.

Humidity Control Sheet Humidity (Hygrometric) Measurement Test

Humidity Control Sheet Humidity (Hygrometric) Measurement Test
[Measurement Conditions]

Volume capacity of box used for testing: 13.9 liter (φ5mm vent hole in bottom)
Humidity Control Sheet (post-card size) installed on lid
Measurement location: outdoors location in Hachioji city, Tokyo
Measurement time period: 2 weeks
The humidity levels in a box with Humidity Control Sheet were maintained in a fixed range

Long lasting and easy maintenance!

Conventional desiccants do not perform well after absorbing certain amount of moisture. However, the superior breathing characteristic of Humidity Control Sheet maintains high performance*2 over a long period of time.
There is no need for maintenance after installing Humidity Control Sheet, time and labor costs are significantly reduced.

Flexible design to fit any enclosures!

Humidity Control Sheet is thin and flexible so it can be affixed easily in places with limited space or on curved surfaces.
There are four different sizes of Humidity Control Sheet to choose from to suit the capacity of the enclosures.

Picture of Humidity Control Sheet
Humidity Control Sheet

Humidity Control Sheet is proud of its track record of over 1,500,000pcs installed in communication equipment such as connection terminal boxes and protection devices.

Humidity Control Sheet has been endorsed by many construction and management contractors in the telecommunications industry for managing high humidity under control and long lasting performances.

*1 Macromolecule polymer: super absorbency macromolecule
*2 Usable time period may change depending on environmental conditions.

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Specifications / Details

Size Lineup

Size Lineup of Humidity Control Sheet
Product Name Size (mm) Weight (g) Application Capacity (L) Contents
GB-L 560 x 230 x 3 130 400 5
GB-M 370 x 150 x 3 50 150 10
GB-P 100 x 148 x 1 10 25 30
GB-N 55 x 91 x 1 3 7 30

Construction Examples

Installation Performance Track Record

  • NTT communication equipment : over 1,500,000 installations (connection terminal boxes and protectors)
  • Household use outside door intercoms: over 200,000 installations
Humidity Control Sheet construction example in a telecommunications terminal board

Application Examples

  • Protection against dew condensation inside of factories from big changes in temperatures and humidity.
  • Protection against dew condensation and mold in outdoor storage sheds and lumber rooms.

Cautions for Use

  • Please take adequate measures to keep water out of cabinets before installing Humidity Control Sheet.
  • The standard application is intended for use in a sealed space. Changes in usage environments may affect results.
  • This product is not responsible for the failure of any device.

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Introduction Examples

Introduction Examples of Humidity Control Sheet


'Humidity Control Sheet' Pamphlet 1.2MB

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