X-ray grating
X-ray grating
Image of X-ray grating

NTT-AT's high-contrast and high-sharpness X-ray gratings are optimized for x-ray Talbot imaging.

 X-ray grating Inquiry


-Low side-wall roughness
-High edge sharpness
-High contrast X-ray imaging


                         Absorption Grating  Phase Grating    
Material Au Si
Membrane Si, 50 μm thinck Si, 50 μm thinck
Pitch/Height 3 μm / 10 μm 2 μm / 20 μm
Max. area 10 mm sq. 40 mm sq.
Customized are available


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Jumpei Yamada ,Takato Inoue, Nami Nakamura, Takashi Kameshima, Kazuto Yamauchi, Satoshi Matsuyama and Makina Yabashi,"X-Ray Single-Grating Interferometry for Wavefront Measurement and Correction of Hard X-Ray Nanofocusing Mirrors"

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