High-Sensitivity MEMS Accelerometer
High-Sensitivity MEMS Accelerometer

NEW MEMS Accelerometer Picks Up Ultra-Low Acceleration


  • NTT Laboratories' advanced microfabrication technologies are employed.*1
  • Ultra-high sensitivity and low noize is accomplished by optimal structure design.
     *1 Japan Patent 5831905 (with Tokyo Institute of Technology) and Japan Patent 6044041 (with The University of Tokyo) are
           granted for parts of the technologies.


       Table. Main specifications (as of January, 2020).
  • Specifications may differ depending on the operating and environmental  conditions.
  • Specifications may be subject to change without notice.
  • Customize service is available.
High-Sensitivity Accelerometer ANT-02/ANT-04 Data sheet 

To be applied to

Infrastructure/machine health monitoring, trouble predictin/prevention, human health monitoring and others.
   Example: heart rate and breathing motion monitoring

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