Japanese Words Database
Japanese Words Database

Training acoustic model and performance evaluation for speech recognition systems

Benefits / Features


Communication devices which has a voice command function are now in the diffusion stage.

Japanese Words Database contains over 700 words and 256 surnames. Number of sample files are over 190,000 in total.
The best and useful product to evaluate a systems and also for machine learning.

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Specifications / Details



100 Male and 100 Female native Japanese.
Age range: 14 to 77 years.


Conforming to ITU-T Rec. P.80 (Low Noise Precision Condenser Microphone and sound-proof room) Active Speech Level equalized.


  • Vol. 1 Command set for PC & machine

    Command set for PC, Word processor, etc.
    Example: New, Create, Save, Capital letter, 254 words in total.

  • Vol. 2 Japanese city names

    Rail road station name of Shin'kan'sen. highway interchange names of Tokyo metropolitan area.
    Main air port names 216 in total.

  • Vol.3 Persons' names

    Japanese family names up to 256th population ranking.

  • Vol.4 Word set for transaction

    Numbers, Units, Words for Banking, Words for Reserving Transportation, etc.
    312 words in total.

Explanation in readme file is Japanese text only. PC installed Japanese windows version is needed to read the text file, word lists and method of payment.


Japanese Words Database Please contact us.


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