KTN Deflector
KTN Deflector
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The KTN deflector will realize new technological ideas, with ultra-high speed scanning and arbitrary scanning

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Benefits / Features

More than 100 times higher speed operation compared with conventional products.

High speed operation, which has not been supported by conventional technology, becomes possible because the light is controlled by electron transfer and an external electrical field without any mechanical moving parts.
For example, when it is applied to a laser radar, higher speed object recognition will be possible compared with conventional technology.
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Device size reduction to less than 1/100 in volume is possible compared with conventional products.

Because it is a simple structure of electrodes formed on a crystal and the chip size is very small, that is, X square millimeters, the optical polarization module can be mounted in a small-size housing of only 2cm x 3cm x 6cm.

Arbitrary scan function, which is not supported by conventional products.

Because the voltage supply and direction of travel of the light beam correspond to each other, and the operation speed is very high, flexible optical scanner operation is realized by devising an appropriate voltage supply method. 
For example, the light scan angle can be made to move instantly among multiple points by inputting a digital signal, while continuous scan operation is realized by inputting an analog signal. In consequence, the device will be optimum for applications such as a laser radar or a laser scan display, by making use of its flexible operability from continuous operation to arbitrary scanning. 


Deflection angle 150 mrad (visible), 120mrad (1.3 μm, 1.55 μm)
Response frequency 10k~100kHz*
Wavelength range 488 nm ~3,500 nm
Modules are available for operation in three wavelength ranges
  • Visible wavelength range : 488~650
  • 1.3μm band : 1,235~1,385nm
  • 1.55μm band : 1,475~1,625nm
Incident optics Polarization-maintaining single mode optical fiber
Size 23×23×50 mm3
*Response frequency depends on voltage source performance

Application examples

The KTN deflector is expected to be an alternative to a conventional polygon mirror, a galvano mirror, and a MEMS mirror, which are used in various fields such as laser processing 3D measurement, optical communication, displays, optical storage media (DVD, etc.), imaging, sensing, printers, and copiers. 
Furthermore, with its high-speed operation and the small size, which are not supported in conventional technologies, it can be applied to new fields such as forward monitoring sensors for automobiles, handy-type OCT probes, optical switches with low voltage supply, and pulse pickers, etc.
Application of KTN deflector
In addition, it can be used for 3D measurement devices because a high-speed 3D scanner can be realized with a combination of a KTN scanner and a KTN vari-focal lens with high-speed control.


Even though KTN crystal fabrication has been considered difficult, KTN crystal of a practical size and quality can be produced by NTT. NTT-AT has commercialized and widely provided this product through the license of KTN crystal fabrication technology and optical polarization technology obtained from NTT.


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KTN Deflector Inquiry
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