EUV mirrors/X-ray mirrors
EUV mirrors/X-ray mirrors
Image of EUV mirrors/X-ray mirrors

Custom designable XUV, EUV, and X-ray mirrors, only NTT-AT in the world


NTT-AT has been supplying high-quality XUV, EUV, and X-ray mirrors for more than 20 years. In particular, backed by its extensive experience and outstanding skills, it provides custom-designable multi-layer film mirrors adapted to meet individual customer requirements.

Since the 1990s, NTT-AT has developed and sold extreme ultraviolet (XUV or EUV) multi-layer mirrors and X-ray mirrors. The design of these mirrors reflects the feedback received from university, research institute, and enterprise customers in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. Our vast reservoir of accumulated know-how and reliable technologies are what support the production of your multi-layer mirror.


Research institutes around the world have continued to choose NTT-AT's multi-layer mirrors because of their quality. Multi-layer materials and structure are customized to meet your detailed specifications, such as substrate, peak wavelength, bandwidth, and dispersion. High heat-durability multi-layer mirrors are also supported. A reflectivity evaluation service using synchrotron facilities is also available as an option.

  Application example   Coating
XUV (EUV) mirror
EUV lithography
High-order harmonics applications
Attosecond science
X-ray laser
Multi-layer mirror Mo/Si
50 eV ~100 eV
50 eV~100 eV
50 eV ~ 70 eV
25 eV ~50 eV
~300 eV
Single layer mirror SiC
10 eV ~ 100 eV
X-ray mirror Synchrotron applications
XFEL applications
Built into X-ray non-destructive
inspection devices
Multi-layer mirror W/C
1 keV ~ 30 keV
Single layer mirror C
1 keV ~ 30 keV

Multilayer Designs

XUV multi-layer mirrors(EUV multi-layer mirrors)

Substrate shape: plane, convex, concave, paraboloid, Toroidal surface, ellipsoid
Substrate materials: Quartz, Silicon, Zerodewer, etc.
Coating materials::Mo/Si, Ru/Si, Zr/Al, SiC/Mg, Cr/C etc.
Substrate size :φ3 mm~φ300 mm

NTT-AT will provide high-durability XUV multi-layer mirrors, highly heat-resistant XUV multi-layer film mirrors as well as optical systems, such as Schwarzschild optical systems and pump probe optical systems.

Product example

/xraym_s_005 xraym_s_003
Φ10mm plane mirror Measured reflectivities of Mo/Si multi-layers
(normal incident angle: 2 degrees)
xraym01 xraym02
Multi-layer mirror for pump probe test Measured relectivities of broadband mirrors, narrow band mirror(wavelength :30 nm)
xraym_s_011 Mo/Si multi-layer mirrors have a high reflectivity near the wavelength of 13 nm (90 eV). NTT-AT’s Mo/Si multi-layer mirrors have a reflectivity of up to 70% for normal incidence.
The materials, film structure, and substrate shape of NTT-AT’s XUV mirrors can be customized to suit your needs regarding central wavelength and optical arrangements.
EUV broadband ellipsoidal mirror
(Φ100 mm Zerodewer)

X-ray multi-layer mirrors

Substrate figure: plane, ellipsoid, paraboloid, cylindrical surface, toroidal surface
Substrate: Quartz, Silicon, Zerodewer, etc.
Coating materials: W/B4C, W/C, Pt/C etc.
Substrate size: Max 500 mm
NTT-AT provides K-B mirror system, Walter mirror etc.

Product example

xraym03 W/B4C multi-layer and W/C multi-layer film mirrors have high reflectivity for hard X-ray applications. To reflect and concentrate a hard X-ray efficiently, it is necessary to minimize the oblique angle of incidence. This requires a long mirror length and a small multi-layer film cycle length.
Multi-layer mirror for K-B mirror system  

xraym04 The materials, film structure, and substrate shape of NTT-AT’s X-ray mirrors can be customized to suit your needs regarding central wavelength, bandwidth and optical arrangements.
Evaluated reflectivity (wavelength: 0.154 nm, Blue: measured reflectivity, Pink: calculated reflectivity, periodic length: 2.95 nm)  

Single layer mirrors

Substrate figure: plane ,ellipsoid ,Paraboloid ,cylindrical surface ,toroidal surface
Substrate materials: Quartz, Silicon, Zerodewer, etc.
Coating materials: C, B4C, SiC, Ru, NbN, Pt, etc.
Substrate size: Max 500 mm

NTT-AT provides K-B mirror system, Walter mirror, etc.

xraym05 Single layer mirrors, which use total reflection, are used for beam steering, light concentration and removal of unneeded wavelengths in the XUV to X-ray range.
The materials and substrate shape of NTT-AT’s single layer mirrors can be customized to suit your needs regarding central wavelength and optical arrangements.

Ellipsoidal mirror with Ru layer  

EUV mirrors/X-ray mirrors Inquiry


White paper

Multilayer mirror  

Past record

We have supported many experiments and studies for synchrotron radiation applications, XFEL applications, high-order harmonics applications including attosecond science and material science, soft-X-ray laser applications, and astronomy. NTT-AT's XUV multi-layer mirrors with unparalleled quality are valued by the academic community. 
NTT-AT provides low-cost, short lead-time, and stable-quality multi-layer  mirrors for industrial applications of EUV light including EUV lithography. We are ideally positioned to support your practical use of EUVL light source developments, EUV resist developments, EUV mask inspections, and other peripheral areas as your R&D partner.

Paper lists

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Publication list (including co-authored papers):

Satoshi Ichimaru, Masatoshi Hatayama, Tadayuki Ohchi and Satoshi Oku, “Mo/Si multilayer mirrors with 300-bilayers for EUV lithography,” Proc. SPIE 9658, Photomask Japan 2015: Photomask and Next-Generation Lithography Mask Technology XXII, 965814 (2015);
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Comparison with other companies’ products

EUV mirrors are manufactured and sold by only a few companies globally. If you are not satisfied with your current provider, NTT-AT can fabricate custom-designed mirrors that will satisfy your most demanding requirements. NTT-AT will propose an optimized design that precisely reflects your specifications.

Product Inquiry

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