Intelligent Optical switch
Intelligent Optical switch
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Customizable optical switches with excellent reliability and track record of use

With its rapid fault detection and path switching at the physical layer, the NTT-AT optical switch unit, NSW series, enhances the reliability of your network especially for Optical Path Protection (OPP).
Low loss optical switch with fast switching speed. Available management feature like SDN, OPENFLOW, NETCONF as your request.

Provides a robust, retentive switching function to ensure no interruptions even when a failure occurs. 

Power outages, etc., will not lead to a major incident because adoption of the movable fiber approach ensures retention of the optical path even in the absence of power.

Economical solution because there are a large number of ports and the initial cost is half that of products from other vendors. Redundancy can be achieved at low cost.

Sixteen channels can be housed and a large number of ports are provided per unit. This reduces both the required rack space and the cost per channel.

Extensive track record in providing high reliability

NTT-AT's optical switch, introduced in 2002, was the first commercial optical switch in Japan.

It is important to enable users to check the compatibility of our optical switches with connected devices. Therefore, we rent trial devices to enable users to check the compatibility. Please feel free to make a rental request using the inquiry form below. Please check the performance of the device through real use.

The earlier you introduce the switch, the more you can cut costs. Please feel free to contact us for inquiries.

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Comparison with other companies products

Since it produces all the hardware and software of the optical switch in-house, NTT-AT can customize the switch upon request. The switch can be introduced without changing the configuration of your existing network. Please feel free to consult with us.
The switching time is less than 10 ms. This is fast enough for an Internet connection, avoiding degradation of the communication data or video frames.

Past record

Please view application examples from here [Case Syudy].
Thirteen years (as of 2015) of sales since the release in 2002


High Reliability Redundancy Configuration NSW Series
Compact Optical Switch CSW Series

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