High Refractive Index Resins for Nanoimprint
High Refractive Index Resins for Nanoimprint
Image of High Refractive Index Resins for Nanoimprint

High RI, UV curable nanoimprint resins provide highly functional fine patterns with high accuracy.

Developed high-refractive index resins for nanoimprinting to improve the flexibility in optical design 
The development and the sales launch of Solvent-free High Refractive Index Resin for Nanoimprint

About Nanoimprint

The simple and low cost fabrication technology enables nano-scale patterns.

UV Nano imprint lithography Image


High Refractive Index

>1.7 at 633 nm. It helps to miniaturize optical components.

High Transmittance

lthough the refractive index of the material is high, the resin has a high transmittance above 400 nm.

Choose Solvent-contained or Solvent-free

Solvent-contained #18210 is good for making thin film (< 1 um). Solvent-free, #18247 enables making the layer thicker (>2-3 um).



  Item Test method : Condition Unit #18210 #18247
(start selling from April in 2019)
Solvent       PGME N/A(Solvent Free)
Before curing Viscosity E-type viscometer : 25°C mPa·s 15 138
Curing Conditions Pre Baking Conditions - - 115°C 1min -
UV Curing Conditions UV Flood Lamp
: Intensity at 365 nm
- 100mW/cm2
After curing Refractive Index Prism coupler: 25°C λ=403nm 1.771 1.765
λ=589nm 1.725 1.710
λ=633nm 1.720 1.704
λ=848nm 1.708 1.689
Abbe's number Prism coupler: 25°C - 31 24
Haze Thickness: 50 μm % < 0.1 < 0.1
Tg Dynamic Viscoelastometer : tanδmax °C 100 125
Specific gravity method % 6 7
Transmittance Spectrophotometer: Sample
2μm (#18210), 50 μm (#18247) 
(including reflection loss)
λ=450nm % 94 95
λ=540nm 95 96
λ=630nm 95 97
•Not specifications
•Storage temperature of #18210 and #18247 is 0 – 5 oC. #18210 is categorized in Dangerous Goods for the transportation

Feel free to contact us about customizing these resins.

More Features of #18247

Since #18247 doesn’t contain solvent;
- Enables omitting a pre-baking process.
- Enables dispensing and pushing a mold and substrate together.
- No worry of solvent affecting the substrate. Even possible to make a bulk film without substrate.
- Easy to transport, as #18247 is not categorized in Dangerous Goods.

Optical Transmittance

Transmittance around 450nm is high
The resin has a high optical transmittance around a wavelength 450nm or above.

Pattern examples

Pillar pattern
Pillar pattern
Pillar pattern
Pillar pattern
Hole pattern example
Hole pattern
Line and Space  pattern example
Line and Space pattern

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Prism coupler: 25°C

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