Portable Optical Connector Polisher POP-311
Portable Optical Connector Polisher POP-311

High speed portable polisher for field assembly

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Distributors List

Benefits / Features


The POP-311 is suitable for field assembly and/or re-polishing of optical connectors in optical network installation and/or its maintenance.

Battery operated

Widely accessible rechargeable nickel hydride battery (AA) or alkaline dry battery (AA) can be used.

High speed polishing

Polishes connectors at the high velocity of 700 revolutions per minute.
And with only 3-5 processes, work can easily be done on location.

From adhesive removal to AdPC Polish?⇒?150 seconds (SC connector/terminal)
AdPC polish by repolishing?⇒?50 seconds (SC connector/terminal)
(AdPC Polish: Advanced PC polish)

High Quality

High polishing quality equivalent to that of factory use polishers can be achieved.

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Specifications / Details


Main Unit Specifications
Application Uses Optical Connector Polishing
(for re-polishing and new polishing processes)
MTRJ type optical connectors, glass ferrule, and custom made orders
Polishing performance Radius of curvature 10-25mm
Apex offset < 50μm
Fiber undercut < 0.05μm
Return loss > 50dB
Weight 830g(main body without batteries)
Dimensions 90W×75D×212H(mm)
Optional Accessories (sold separately)
Power supply Rechargeable Ni-H battery or Alkaline dry battery (AA × 4)
AC power adapter
(100-240V, 50-60Hz)
Polishing Jig Base Universal Jig Base POP311-AZ-00
Polishing Plate For SC/FC POP311-B-01S -
For MU/LC POP311-B-01M -
For APC/Rough Polishing POP311-B-02 For APC diagonal surface formation/for MT Ferrule
Attachments For SC/PC ferrule ATP3000-AZ01  
For FC/PC plugs ATP3000-AZ02  
For MT 0° ferrule ATP3000-AZ03  
For SC/ APC-C ferrule ATP3000-AZ04 For conical ferrule
For LC/MU/PC ferrule ATP3000-AZ05  
For LC/PC plugs ATP3000-AZ06  
For SC/PC plugs ATP3000-AZ07  
For LC/APC plugs ATP3000-AZ08  
For SC/APC-C plugs ATP3000-AZ09 For conical ferrule
For FC/APC-C plugs ATP3000-AZ10 For conical ferrule
(narrow key)
For FC/APC-S plugs ATP3000-AZ11 For step ferrule
(narrow key)
For MT-RJ ferrule ATP3000-AZ12  
For MT 8° ferrule ATP3000-AZ13  
For Φ2.5mm V-grooves ATP3000-AZ14  
For Φ1.25mm V-grooves ATP3000-AZ15  
For ST/PC plugs ATP3000-AZ16  
For E2000 Ferrule ATP3000-AZ21  
For LC-Duplex POP311-AZ-01  
Case Carrying Case POP311-0-10
Rubber Pads For SC/FC POP311-P-01 3 sheets of 1 type
For MU/LC POP311-P-02
Polishing film Type of film varies depending on the polishing process. Please consult with us regarding your needs
* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Special features of the attachment exchangable type jig

MT Connector Jig LC-Duplex Jig

MT Connector Jig

LC-Duplex Jig

* Attachments shown is the above photos are sold separately.

Since the attachments are also usable in the factory use polishing machine ATP-3000, they can be used in a wide variety of polishing work such as MPO connectors, and single-core fiber connectors, and all types of capillaries and fiber polishing.

MT Connector Polishing Process (Ferrule:12MT-PPS-SM)

Polishing performanc
RX(mm) >2000 ,RY(mm) >5,
Angle(degree) ±0.2
Fiber protrusion(μm)?1~3.5

Suitable for Re-polishing

When an optical fiber connector is damaged in the process of layout construction, it can be re-polished on the spot and renewed for usage.

MT Connector Re-polishing

Before Polishing

After 30 sec. of re-polishing


Handy polishing machine POP-311

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