What is R-Talk?
R-TalkTM is the Voice Conferencing Mic/Speaker series brought to you by NTT-AT that combines advanced technology with full-featured usability.
Developed as a smart business tool backed by top Japanese quality, R-TalkTM has become a global brand.
* "R-Talk" is a trademark of the NTT Advanced Technology Corporation in Japan and other countries.
R-Talk 800EX Makes Our 3“R”s a Reality.
In spite of its compact size, the R-Talk 800EX embodies the 3Rs: “Real,” “all-Round,” and “Right now.”
The R-Talk 800EX delivers high-quality, clear, and crisp audio, can be used anywhere with any network connection, and does not involve any complicated setup.
  • Real

    Clear, crisp audio—the result of years of NTT research and development

    Echo cancellation technology pioneered by NTT Cyber Space Laboratories generates high-quality, extremely reliable audio for smooth conversations. Auto Gain Control automatically adjusts the volume, and Noise Suppression Technology cuts out ambient noise. These technologies eliminate the stress involved in voice conferencing by delivering clearer, crisper audio.

  • all-Round

    Use anywhere with any connection, such as landlines, cell phones, and computers

    Compact enough to fit in a briefcase, it can be used anywhere you may find yourself. Runs on batteries, as well as powered directly from a computer USB port for web conferencing. Can also be used with cell phones, smartphones, and both analog and IP landline phones. This single device makes it possible to voice conference on any type of telephone call.

  • Right now

    No complicated setup. Simple interface means instant accessibility

    Unplug the receiver cord from the telephone handset, plug in the R-Talk, and you’re ready to conference. Dial the phone number in the usual manner and begin voice conferencing. No need to install drivers in order to connect to a computer. Simply plug the USB cord in. No complicated setup required. R-Talk is simply designed to be easy for anyone to use.

Ideal for:   - Voice conferencing on-the-go   - Voice conferencing at low cost   - Web conferencing with clear audio   - Avoiding time-consuming, complicated setup   - More effective use of time and fewer business trips   - Communicating with the head office when away