The ideal solution for a variety of scenarios—A few typical examples are listed below.
With R-Talk 800EX, get your business done more quickly and effectively.
Useful in any industry or business scenario—Perfect for staying one step ahead in the world of business.
  • Dealing with emergencies when out of the office—connect your cell phone and conduct a voice conference with the main office. You’re meeting with a client and are confronted with a difficult technical question... Not a problem. Just take out your R-Talk 800EX, plug it into your cell phone or smartphone, and call the office. Easily converse with the engineers through voice conferencing and you’ll never miss an important business opportunity again!
  • Conference rooms with different telephone systems—no time-consuming setup means voice conferences start easily and quickly. A meeting with a branch office is suddenly scheduled. No need to worry about the type of phones in the conference rooms. Plug the R-Talk 800EX into any business phone, whether analog or IP. No complicated setup is required, making voice conference preparation simple and fast. The R-Talk 800EX is your best option in a race against time.
  • Teams in different locations need to communicate—clear audio eliminates stress no matter how long the web conference. The development and sales teams need to share video images of a prototype over web conferencing. Simply plug the USB cord from the R-Talk 800EX into your computer for web conferencing audio with peace of mind. R-Talk’s sophisticated audio design ensures clear, crisp audio even when powered directly from the USB, for a stress-free meeting. The R-Talk 800PC is also ideal for web conferencing. R-Talk 800PC
  • Voice conferencing with large groups of people—this single unit clearly picks up everyone’s voice, even in large groups. The R-Talk 800EX is the perfect instrument for voice conferencing between large groups of people at the main office and branch office. Plug in up to a maximum of four external microphones to clearly detect up to ten different voices. This is the perfect tool for maximizing business productivity by reaching consensus on a range of topics in one meeting.