Rust Preventive Powder Coating
Rust Preventive Powder Coating

to prevent corrosion of metallic materials

NTT-AT's original rust preventive material is a thermoplastic powder paint that has improved acid and alkali resistance and suppressed UV deterioration. It is ecofriendly and advantageous for pollution control since powder paint does not need solvent disposal and is easy to be collected remnant material.

It does not require a primer even for galvanized materials, and it is easy to process and adheres well. These characteristics realizes excellent rust resistance in salt-damaged areas and various corrosive environments.

  • Excellent rust prevention (for 35 years or more) under all corrosive conditions including salt damage.
  • Improved acid resistance to volcanic ash, hot spring gas, etc. and improved alkali resistance to concrete, etc.
  • No primer required even on galvanized surfaces, but powder coating with excellent adhesion.


base: steel plate, middle: Zinc-plated, top: original rust preventive
Corrosion resistance No rusting or swelling in 6 months salt spray test
Weather resistance No cracking or peeling after 10,000 hours of UV irradiation
Impact resistance 80 - 120 cm (when 300 g load drops)
Abrasion resistance 60 μm /1000 times
Adhesive strength 80 kgf /cm2 or more
Low-temperature resistance -40 ℃
Surface hardness F - H (ISO 15184)

Corrosion resistance

Combined cyclic corrosion test

1 cycle / 6 hours, 4 cycle / 1 day
Combined cyclic corrosion test (ISO11997-1 Cycle D)

result shows excellent corrosion resistance

Combined cyclic corrosion test (ISO11997-1 Cycle D)
after 330 days

Exposure test along the coast on an island (since Dec. 1999, ongoing; Picture represents the status after 11 years)

only SAPOE 5000 plate is unrusted
  1. NTT-AT's original rust preventive material
  2. Polyethylene
  3. Thermoset polyester
  4. Hot-dip galvanized steel plate
  5. Zn-Al-Mg plated steel plate

Acid resistance

excellent acid resistance
Acid resistance / alkali resistance test results

Weather resistance

Accelerated weathering test

  • Test equipment: Sunshine weather meter
  • Test time: 10,000 hours
  • Test conditions: Black panel temperature= 63 ± 3 ℃, under UV irradiation, 18 minutes fresh water spray during 120 minutes.


excellent whether resistance
our preventive material / Polyethylene / Thermosetting polyester

Coating procedure of NTT-AT's original rust preventive material paint

Since on-site painting is impossible, factory painting is mandatory.
In the factory, you need a furnace that can heat the object above 300 ℃ and water cooling equipment.
If you do not have them, please look for a Powder coating company which has the equipment.

Applicable goods

  1. Civil and construction fieldsSteel sheet piles, steel frames, manholes, fences, handrails, etc.
  2. Electrical / Telecommunication equipment fieldsteel-pipe columns, wire suspension tools, steel towers, distribution/ switch boards, transformers, etc.
  3. Road related fieldGuard rails, guard fences, guard pipes, balustrades, illumination poles, etc.
  4. Steel structure related field Bridge components, tunnel components, marine components, etc.
  5. Water treatment field Water supply and distribution pipes, pump casings, valves, etc.


The following 3 colors are available. 

Hue: gray / dark brown / white

"Dark brown" and "white" are made-to-order products.

Example of use for steel pipe columns

Steel pipe pillar (gray)      Steel pipe pillar (dark brown)

Application example

1. Hot spring region (gas corroded region)

Metal parts for electric pole support
Electric pole scaffold bolt

2. Salt-damaged area

Steel cover for bridge attachments
Lightweight assembled steel pipe columns
A storage box for emergency phones in a tunnel
Bridge attachments

3. Ecofriendly color

Cable accommodation pipes
A colorized anti-slip manhole iron lid
A steel pipe
Bridge equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions about our original rust preventive material. Please refer them when selecting a product.


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