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FAQ about NTT-AT's original rust preventive powder paint

The followings are the frequently asked questions about the rust preventive powder paint.

Q1: What are main features of the powder paint?

  • A thermoplastic polyester resin powder paint designed to maintain anticorrosion performance for over 35 years even in severely corrosive environments such as salt-damaged areas.
  • To form the coating film on an object, it must be heated to about 300℃ in advance that melts the powder paint.
  • A single coating secures a layer thickness of 300 μm.
  • Since it does not use organic solvents, it is friendly to human body and environment.

Q2: How large is the paintable size?

The powder paint requires high-temperature baking at a dedicated factory. Therefore, paintable size varies depending on the material of the object to be coated and its shape, thickness, coating method, coating range, etc. So, please contact us for details.

  • Reference value
    Paintable maximum size: height 3 m x width 5 m x length 14.8 m (Depending on the shape of the object, it may not be possible to paint even if the size is smaller.)

Please contact us to confirm painting possibility for other shapes. In any cases, the thickness of the steel object thickness must be 3 mm or more.

Q3: Is on-site painting possible?

Since it is necessary to heat the object to a high temperature (about 300 ° C), on-site painting is quite difficult. The object should be factory painted by a specialized processing maker.

Q4: Is the color adjustable?

The color is adjustable, but we can provide it as an approximate color. Gray, brown and white are available as standard colors.

Q5: What kind of use examples do you have?

It is used for steel pipe columns, utility pole accessories, steel towers, emergency telephone storage boxes in tunnels, windbreak fences, rockfall prevention fences, guardrails, etc.

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