Silicon Photonics
Silicon Photonics
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We will provide Si waveguides such as compact optical circuit, etc., depending on the customers' required design.

Advantages of NTT-AT’s Si Photonics Foundry Services

Flexibly customized Si waveguide for each customer’s requirements

  • Ultra fine optical circuit achieved by the advanced nano fabrication techniques

Si waveguide circuit with low connection loss

  • Spot-size converter achieving low connection loss between optical fiber and Si waveguide enables customers to evaluate the optical circuit performance precisely

Various optional services available

  • Ta heater to control optical characteristics precisely
  • Integration with polymer and other types of functional materials

One-stop full range of services

  • From fabrication to optical characterization as well as mounting/packaging with fiber connection

Typical Si waveguide circuit design

Fabrication example

Typical Si waveguide circuit design

Waveguide core 400-500nm width x 220nm height
Ring resonator gap >150nm
Waveguide area typically 5x5mm
Spot-size converter core 3umx3um
Gap between spot-size converters >50um
Chip size (if dicing requested) typically 15x5.6mm

Low connection loss based on Spot-size converter

-Typical loss: 1.5dB/connection 
Structure of Spot-size converter
Structure of Spot-size converter

Fiber array connection with Si chip

Fiber array connection with Si chip
Fiber array connection with Si chip
If the Si waveguide chip and the fiber are bonded and fixed, a precision stage is not required when evaluating the characteristics of the chip, and handling becomes easier.
Fiber-to-chip assembly service for Silicon Photonic

Schematic of Fiber array connection

Schematic of Fiber array connection
Schematic of fiber array connection

Other value added process services

Ultra compact size Ta heater for precise temperature control


Functional circuits such as Optical switching, Wavelength filter


Precise control of Optical characteristics with localized heater


1  Ta (high-melting point metal) thin layer

2  Ultra compact size heater using nano-fabrication technique

3  Locally heating by combining the low resistive Au wire

Example of Ta heater pattern fabricated on over-cladding layer

Cross sectional view of a Micro heater
Cross sectional veiw of a Micro heater

SEM image: Ta heater pattern close-up
Ta heater pattern example
SEM image: Ta heater pattern close-up
SEM image: Ta heater pattern close-up(Fig.1)



Introducing functional materials


Sensing devices, Ge optical detector, modulator


Hybrid combination of Si chip and other functional materials

Solutions: Over-cladding layer using functional materials

1  Partial expose of Si waveguide available

2  Damage free dry etching and wet etching process

Fabrication example

pattern example

Mounting of Laser diode chip based on high precision fabrication technique

Mounting of Laser diode chip

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Silicon Photonics Foundry Services
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