Silicon/Silicon Dioxide Microscopic Scale
Silicon/Silicon Dioxide Microscopic Scale
Image of Silicon/Silicon Dioxide Microscopic Scale

High-Precision Silicon/Silicon Dioxide Scale of Sub-10 nm Resolution Pattern

Pattern diagram

Si MicroScale_Diagram.png

AFM tip inspection (example)

                   Si_SiO2 MicroScale_Image2.png

          External image of micrpscopic scale

Si_SiO2 MicroScale_Image3.png
               AFM tip response to the scale pattern


  • Best for calibration and inspection of TEM, AFM and other microscopes used in the semiconductor industry.
  • Durable and no contaminations
  • Sub-10 nm resolution and high aspect ratio. *
* For each batch of products, a test piece is inspected by TEM. The scale lengths of the pattern are measured with reference to the silicon atomic steps as a standard. The inspection data is attached to products.


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