Spherical Dipole Antenna
Spherical Dipole Antenna

Spherical dipole antenna

Spherical Dipole Antenna

  • Ideal system for measuring field noise
  • 2 types (emission test type & immunity test type)-mentioned in the below 'application' as well
  • Ideal field data (glass-fiber materials/ spherical shape/circuit location)
  • Basic measurement tools for industrial researchers & engineers (eg; Electrical & electronics)
  • Wide frequency range (All environmental factors reviewed)


  1. Noise-free cable (Coaxial glass fiber cable)
  2. Wide frequency range (30-3000MHz)
  3. Reducing major error factors (Spherical antenna/glass fiber cable)
  4. Easy to operate (circuit on/off by outside operation, battery checkup without opening the sphere, etc.)

Applications (Based on IEC 61587-3 Part 3)

  • Emission measurement (test site cross checking ,site attenuation, etc.)
  • Immunity measurement (shield factor measurement)



  • Half-spherical elements (half ball-shaped)
  • Spacer partitioning
  • Supporting pole
  • O/E or E/O converter, a battery and an amplifier

Spherical Dipole Antenna


Frequency range 30 ~ 3000 MHz
Sensitivity 30 dB µV
Field strength 70 dB µV /m (at 3 m)
Operating time Eight hours (receiving type)
Five hours (emission type)
Antenna size 150 mm (diameter)

Application examples (based on IEC 61587-3: Part 3)

Spherical Dipole Antenna Spherical Dipole Antenna
Shield factor measurement Test site cross check

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