Design and fabrication of EUV/X-ray focusing systems
Design and fabrication of EUV/X-ray focusing systems
Image of Design and fabrication of EUV/X-ray focusing systems

A wide variety of EUV (extreme ultraviolet light) and X-ray optics systems according to your operating needs

Design and fabrication of EUV/X-ray focusing systems Inquiry
xray_focus01 xray_focus02
ellipsoid of revolution condenser mirror Schwarzschil condenser mirror

Benefits / Features

  • Design and manufacture of a variety of light condensing systems and optical systems
  • Schwarzschild light collection optical system, K-B mirrors, ellipsoidal mirrors, parabolic mirrors, optical systems for high-order harmonics, etc.
  • The following X-ray optical parts can be used:
    • Condenser and reflection mirror: EUV and soft X-ray mirror / hard X-ray mirror, Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP), soft X-ray beam splitter
    • Spectrum element: reflective type diffraction grating / transmission type diffraction grating, X-ray / EUV filter
    • Beam shaping element: pinhole, split, central beam stop
    • Beam evaluation element: X-ray chart, scale for microbeam width measurement
  • A variety of items necessary for experiments such as stage chambers, programs for control and measurement, etc.
  • Experimental system setup and optical adjustments for systems we have made are available.
  • The design, manufacture and customized development of all kinds of experiment systems and experimental parts.

Schwartzschild Optics for EUV and soft X-ray

  • The Schwartzschild mirrors for image optics systems such as optical systems, microscopes, telescopes, etc. that focus EUV (extreme ultraviolet light) and soft X-rays that are produced by Laser Produced Plasma (LPP), Synchrotron Radiation (SR light), etc.
  • EUV / soft X-ray multilayer film coating to the concave-convex surface of the mirror will be applied to match the wavelength.
  • Able to design and manufacture optical systems such as microscopes, analysis equipment, etc. that use Schwartzschild Optical Systems.
ray_focus ray_focus
Diagram of soft x-ray microscopy photoelectron system Concave and convex mirror for Schwarzschild optics
(Mo/Si multilayer coating)
ray_focus ray_focus
Lens tube and adjusting mechanism for Schwarzschild Mirror unit for telescope (back)
Mirror unit for microscope (front)

K-B (Kirkpatrick-Baez) mirror focusing system

  • This system is used to focus the EUIV light, soft X-rays and hard X-rays generated from synchrotron radiation and laser plasma X-ray sources.
  • Able to design and manufacture K-B mirror focusing systems.
  • Able to apply the X-ray multilayer film coating to the substrate for K-B mirrors.
ray_focus ray_focus
K-B mirror condenser system diagram Concave mirror for K-Bmirror condenser system
ray_focus ray_focus
K-B mirror system with adjusting mechanism Example of installation of K-B mirror system for measuring system

Design and fabrication of EUV/X-ray focusing systems Inquiry

Optical Systems and Optical Elements for High Order Harmonics ( Optics for HHG )

  • Design and manufacture optical systems and optical elements that are optimally suited for high order harmonics needed for applications such as pump-probe measurement, cross-correlation measurement, high order harmonic autocorrelation measurement, etc. that make use of laser fundamental harmonics and high order harmonic generation.
  • Optical elements such as X-ray / EUV filters, transmission gratings, EUV mirrors, etc., for high order harmonics optical systems will be used.

High order harmonic pulse width measuring system which has cross-correlation with laser fundamental wave

Double Mirror for EUV Light / Laser Beam Focusing

  • This as an extremely flat filter which smoothly spatially divides light which has become mixed with laser light and EUV light into clearly laser light and EUV light.
  • The photograph below shows a type in which the EUV light penetrates at the center and the laser light penetrates in the surrounding area.
  • Able to design and manufacture specially shaped filter holders.
ray_focus ray_focus
Space division type filter
(Center: EUV light transmission,
Surrounding part: Laser light transmission)
Diagram of space division type filter
Special shape filter holder*1
*1: Standard type EUV filter is assembled
Double Mirrors for Spatial Division Optical Focusing of Laser and EUV Light
  • A mirror that reflects EUV light in the center and laser light in the perimeter.
  • Using a drive mechanism to make a different optical path from the mirror perimeter and the mirror center, it is possible to create a temporal delay between the laser beam and the EUV light.
ray_focus ray_focus
Double mirror for condenser system
(Center: Mo/Si multilayer coating for EUV condenser,
Surrounding part: Ag layer coating for laser light condenser)
ray_focus ray_focus
Double mirror diagram for condenser Double mirror holder for condenser and mirror drive mechanism
Design and fabrication of EUV/X-ray focusing systems Inquiry



Examples of Manufactured Parts for Experimental Use

ray_focus ray_focus
Pin hole and holding stage Simplified type mirror stage / pin hole stage mount unit
ray_focus ray_focus
Laser plasma X-ray source chamber

Fluorescence X-ray analysis chamber

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Design and fabrication of EUV/X-ray focusing systems Inquiry

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