XUV Dichroic Mirrors
XUV Dichroic Mirrors
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Durable XUV Dichroic Mirrors working in broad spectral ranges

XUV Dichric Mirrors Inquiry


  • Higher damage threshold than beam separator (Brewster angle type) and thin film XUV filer for HHG.
  • Broad bandwidth coverage.
  • Able to efficiently separate and combine  XUV and NIR.
  • Standard and customized specifications are available to fulfill customer’s requests.

Product descriptions

Standard model DM-20/800-2002 DM-30/800-2002
AOI 78 degrees78 degrees
Polarization p
NIR reflectivity ~2% @ 800 nm +/- 50 nm
XUV reflectivity ~ 60% @ 20nm ~ 60% @ 30nm
Ccoating Dielectric AR
Substrate material Fused silica
Size 2” dia., 10 mm thick
Parameters for custom specifications.
AOI 75 deg ~ 87 deg
Polarization s, p
AR wavelength 400 nm, 800 nm, 1000 nm, etc.
HR wavelength 3-5 nm, 13 nm, 30 nm, 60 nm, etc.
Substrate material Fused silica
Substrate size 1" dia. - 4" dia.
*Reflectivity varies depending on incident angle, target wavelength and polarization.

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XUV Dichroic Mirrors  


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XUV Dichric Mirrors Inquiry
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