KTN Crystal
KTN Crystal
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The optical crystal with the maximum erectro-opotic(EO) effects among existing materials.

High-speed optical control is possible by making use of the large electro-optic (EO) effect.

When applied to optical scanners, it allows movement tracking in a manner that has never been possible with conventional technology. 


By making use of the high EO effect (Kerr effect), it is possible to create a small-sized and high-speed optical scanner (optical polariscope), a vari-focal lens, or an efficient phase modulator (optical switch).

EO effect S11~=3.0×10-15 m2/V2, ex:δn~0.003, *1
(>20 x that of lithium niobate)
[*1 Conditions: *εr=17500, 400 V/mm, wavelength 633nm as per our company findings (Maximum around Tc )]
Optical quality Transparent between 488 nm and 3,500 nm, in which the ultra-high EO effects are expected.



Application example

KTN crystal chip

KTN crystal chip (4.0×3.2×1.2)

We customize the size and shape based on the design of the customer's device. Also, please consult us about the most appropriate electrodes and anti-reflective coatings, etc. 

The product is available from stock in the following sizes at competitive prices. 

Size (mm) Surface polish
4.0×3.2×1.2 4-sided mirror polish
5.0×5.0×1.0 2-sided mirror polish
10×10×0.5 2-sided mirror polish


NTT-AT is able to produce KTN crystals of a practical size and quality, even though the KTN crystal fabrication process has been considered difficult.
NTT-AT provides such crystals widely by commercializing them based on the KTN crystal fabrication technology license.

If you are interested in small-sized and high-speed optical scanners (optical polariscopes), vari-focal lenses, efficient phase modulators, or optical switches, please refer to the webpage of KTN Deflector for vari-focal lenses or 200kHz OCT swept-wavelength light source.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in KTN crystals, for example, for research purposes.

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