MAX / WIZ Interferometers
MAX / WIZ Interferometers

3D Interferometer

Benefits / Features

The optical connector end face three dimensional shape measurement system MAX+/WIZ+ series is a noncontact high precision interference type shape evaluation device conforming to IEC international standard which can automatically measure the end face shape of single core / multi core connectors. Its compact housing makes it easy to handle, and it achieves speedy and highly accurate measurements, improving work quality at the optical connector manufacturing site.

The strong points of MAX / WIZ series

MAX series
WIZ series
MAX series WIZ series

Compact and Lightweight Housing

The housing enclosure has a compact design that can be installed in a smaller space than a B4 sized notebook, and weights less than 4 kg,  so it is easy to carry.

Measurements Can be Made with a General Use PC

By simply installing the shapemeasurement software and driver so nageneral Windows PC , you can start measuring immediately.

Speedy Measurements with High Resolution Images

By adopting an optical system that realizes a wide viewing angle and a high resolution i mage s ensor, i  is possible to evaluate the edge shape with high definition.
SMX series

Many Types of Mounting Jigs

With a wide range of mounting fixtures available, not only standard optical connectors such as SC/LC/FC connectors, but also special optical connectors such as E2000 and MIL-ST can also be measured by simply exchanging mounts.
MAX / WIZ Mounting jig

No Anti-vibration table required

Anti-vibration countermeasures are included so it can be used at any work site.

No settings

By the adoption of precision machined fixture, adjustment work is rarely necessary.

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Features and Benefits of “MaxInspect”

Automatic Scratch Detection

SMX series
When measuring the end face shape, it captures the end face image of the optical connector, detects and evaluates scratches, dirt, chips, etc. by image analysis and makes an automatic pass / fail judgment. End face inspection and end surface shape measurement can be done simultaneously with one MAX+ series device, something which is two separate processes in conventional equipment. This also contributes to a reduction of the number of processes and time needed.
※ NOT available for MAX-QM+/WIZ-QS-110

Easy, modern, intuitive user interface

SMX series
The icon interfece for each function allows for intuitive operation.The software is multi lingual. For Japanese and English version, NTT-AT 's own simple manual is also attached and there is no worry of getting lost even for the first time operation.
※ At installation, you can choose between the display languages of Japanese, English and Chinese.

Suitable Design for mass production

SMX series
It is equipped with the ideal functions, such as display simplification (express mode) and measurement with a foot pedal switch, for quality inspection in mass production processes. 
In addition, it is also possible to customize the operating environment according to the user, such as setting a special worker mode in which pass / fail judgment standard values cannot be changed, etc.
※ The foot pedal switch is optional equipment.

Wide Variety of Output Report Functions

SMX series
Output format is HTML, EXCEL and PDF. It is possible to output the calculated maximum, minimum, average and deviation value of each measurement data in summary form. You don’t need to calculate the measured value.

Specifications / Details

MAX series for both Single and Multi-fiber Connectos

Model MAX-QM+ MAX-Quantum
Measurement Time
(per a ferrule / connector)
1 sec. (Single Fiber)
3 sec. (MT12)
1.4 sec. (Single Fiber)
7 sec. (MT12)
Optical Resolution (μm) 2.2  1.47
Field of view (mm) 5.6 × 3.5 6.0 × 4.4
End Face Inspection Function
(Automatic Scratch detection)
- OK
Autofocus OK OK
Green LED (530 nm)
External Interface
USB3.0 × 2 (for communication and power supply)
DC plug 
× 1 (for power supply)
Weight (kg) 3.8 4.8
Dimensions (H×W×L; mm)  103 × 137 × 183 181 × 213 × 117

MAX  / WIZ series for Single -fiber Connectos

  MAX+ Series WIZ+ Series
Model MAX-QS+ WIZ-QS-110
Measurement Time
(per a ferrule / connector)
2 sec. (Single Fiber/PC) 1.8 sec. (Single Fiber/PC)
Optical Resolution (μm) 1.1 2.5
Field of view (mm) 1.1× 0.9 1.2×0.9
End Face Inspection Function
(Automatic Scratch detection)
OK -
Autofocus OK OK
Illuminator Green LED (530 nm)
External Interface
USB3.0 × 2 (for communication and power supply)
DC plug × 1 (for power supply)
Weight (kg) 3.9
Dimensions (H×W×L; mm)  103 × 137 × 183 150 × 120 × 90

Recommended operating environment of MAX/WIZ series

Operating System
(Recommended Performance)
Memory Interface Software
Windows 10
Intel Core i5/i7
(Intel Core i7 Recommended)
4GB and over
Microsoft Excel® 2010 or higher

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