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Join NTT-AT at CommunicAsia2015.

This year at CommunicAsia2015 NTT-AT will showcase the optical connector cleaner, the super water-repellent material, etc.
We look forward to seeing you in CommunicAsia2015.
Please stop by our booth.

About CommunicAsia2015

Date June 2-5, 2015
Location Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Organizar Singapore Exhibition Services Pte Ltd
Website http://www.communicasia.com/
Admission Free


article on exhibition
  • Intelligent Optical switch
    NTT AT's Intelligent Optical Switches are the key devices, which enable you to reconfigure your network hardware and paths flexibly and dynamically. The Intelligent Optical Switches provide flexibility in installation, replacement, maintenance and reconfiguration of network hardware and paths, resulting in extreme high reliability and availability, and OPEX reduction.
  • High speed portable polisher for field assembly:POP-311
    The POP-311 is suitable for field assembly and/or re-polishing of optical connector in optical network installation and/or its maintenance.
  • Optical Connector Cleaner:NEOCLEAN
    One simple push action cleans optical connector ferrule end face.
    Especially compact body designed for cleaning in the narrow spaces of optical connector ports. Fixing the attachment to the rear end allows you to also clean the deep recessed optical ports.
    Simply remove the front tip cap to enable optical plug cleaning.
  • Optical Connector Cleaner:CLETOP
    Designed so that all operators can consistently achieve high quality cleaning without alcohol or other solvents.
    Palm-sized and lightweight. Easy and safe to use whether in the engineering lab, on the production line, or in the field.
  • Optical Connector Cleaner:OPTIPOP
    Efficient and easy to use. Delivers consistently high quality cleaning performance. Lightweight and safe to use. Anti-static resin is used.
  • Network consulting
    Network Technology Center in NTT Advanced Technology Corporation is a group of cutting-edge network technology experts.
  • Dew condensation prevention:Humidity Control Sheet
    Protection against condensation by simply sticking to the equipment chassis.
  • Super water-repellent material:HIREC
    The super water-repellent material HIREC, developed by NTT Advanced Technology Corporation, is a dramatic new concept in the field of water-repellent materials.
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