Security Policy

Security Policy

Information Security Policy

As an Integrated-Value partner that continues to evolve along with its customers, NTT Advance Technology Corporation provides ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services and products, and solves various problems of society and our customers through "Opening up the Future by Power and Technology." By striving for deterrence and prevention of security incidents and accidents, we aim to enhance customer satisfaction and contribute to the development of a safe and secure advanced information and communication society.

1. Management Team Responsibilities

We regard information security management as one of our important management tasks and under the initiative of the management team, the entire company will work together to maintain and improve information security. In addition, we set information security objectives for each fiscal year, evaluate the achievement status of these objectives, and make improvements if necessary, thereby continually striving to maintain an information security management system that is effective and appropriate.

2.  Observing compliance requirements

As a member of the NTT Group, we comply with compliance requirements. For this reason, for each of the countries where we conduct business activities, we identify regulations and contractual requirements related to information security and make sure that related departments and employees are informed of the requirements and procedures as well as the procedures needed for complying with them. We also request the suppliers such as outsourcing companies, etc. that deal with confidential information to ensure the information security appropriately, and strive to protect information through whole of the supply chain.

3. Contributing to a safe and secure information communication society

We aim to prevent information leaks and compliance violations caused not only by cyber-attacks by malicious individuals but also caused by carelessness or a lack of IT literacy on the part of regular users such as employees and contractors. To this end, we evaluate the risks related to information security on a regular basis, and strive to improve the internal regulations and ensure thorough implementation of the regulations. In the case that any violations are recognized, we take strict actions in accordance with disciplinary regulations, etc. This aims to contribute to the development of a safe and secure advanced information society as an organization that does not generate security incidents and accidents.

June 17, 2022
NTT Advanced Technology Corporation
Representative Director, President and CEO

Tadashi Ito
Tadashi Ito
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