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Please leave it to us

Please leave it to us

Committed to Being a “Value Partner” That Constantly Evolves with Our Customers
Today, global climate change and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are bringing about various changes in people’s lifestyles and in corporate business activities - confronting us with a number of challenges.
We pledge and aim to respond sincerely to every customer’s problems and requirements, and to propose innovative solutions as we identify issues and areas for improvement in anticipation of the customer’s objectives.
As a member of the NTT Group, we will work toward a sustainable society and take on the challenges of creating new value as we work to contribute to realizing the IOWN concept, addressing social issues, and helping to revitalize local economies.
To make that possible, it is necessary for all of our employees to continuously improve their respective individual skills.
Our corporate mission statement, "Human Power and Technology," embodies our desire to clear the way to the future and to drive innovative development on a grand scale, in collaboration with our customers, by multiplying the strengths and technological capabilities of our people.
Toward ongoing development of each customer’s business, contribution to society, and many other infinite possibilities, NTT-AT will further build on its resolute efforts to constantly evolve with you.

Tadashi Ito
Representative Director, President and CEO

Please leave it to us.
We will provide solutions for your real challenges.

Masatoshi Hatayama

I have been consulted by researchers from around the world as an expert on X-ray and XUV optical components.
I will support your X-ray and XUV research activity using our optical components.
Takeshi Konno

I’m an expert in solving problems with acoustic systems.
For example, I can offer you technology to enable clear voice conversation in a noisy environment, etc.
Katsura Shioi

I will be there whenever you need help. I will provide our customers with a wide range of technical services and support to improve the reliability of their network and reduce costs. Please feel free to consult me.
Kenichi Watanabe

I’m an expert in optical products including optical switch systems. I will provide customers with optimum solutions by accurately understanding their expectations.
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