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International Conference X-ray Microscopy

International Conference X-ray Microscopy

Join NTT-AT at International Conference X-ray Microscopy.

This year at International Conference X-ray Microscopy NTT-AT will showcase 'XUV/EUV X-ray Optics'.
We look forward to seeing you inInternational Conference X-ray Microscopy.
Please stop by our booth.

About International Conference X-ray Microscopy

Date August 15-19, 2016
Location University of Oxford, UK
Organizar Diamond Light Source
Website http://www.xrm2016.com/
Admission Free (Limited to those who participate in international conference)


article on exhibition
  • XUV/EUV X-ray Optics
    NTT-AT has developed and sold many kinds of optical elements to manipulate X-rays and extreme ultraviolet for a long time. They have acquired a high-level reputation for their design and production technologies that have been cultivated by co-development with many researchers of synchrotron radiation science, attosecond science, and ultra-intense physics in the world. The Fresnel zone plate provided by NTT-AT has been used in synchrotron radiation facilities because of its high focusing efficiency and high x-ray irradiation durability. The resolution evaluation chart is recognized as the de facto standard and used not only in academic field but also in development sites of X-ray inspection machine. XUV multilayer mirror and XUV filter support leading-edge attosecond science and are applied to next generation lithography research. NTT-AT, providing not only elements but also optical systems, is the best partner for customers who engage in research and development in the XUV, EUV, and X-ray fields.

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