Security Policy

Security Policy

As technology integrators in the information communication industry, NTT Advanced Technology Corporation and its affiliated companies will contribute to the progress in information sharing in society, and to enhancing security against such threats as unauthorized access and information leakage, with a view to helping achieve a fulfilling, sound, and advanced information communication society. To achieve these goals, we will ensure thorough compliance with laws and regulations, and implementation of appropriate information management. In particular, we have adopted and will operate our "Personal Information Protection Policy", on the principle of respect for the individual, in order to handle personal information appropriately.

  1. Appropriate information management

    We will maintain and disclose information only in an appropriate and timely manner in compliance with laws, such as those related to the protection of personal information, and guidelines and other standards issued by ministerial and industrial bodies.

  2. Activities to enhance information security
    1. We will define, and comply with, internal rules regarding various types of information in order to protect the information in our custody and appropriately handle information that requires disclosure. In addition, we will put in place an organizational system for information management, run the system in accordance with the rules, and audit and verify the effectiveness of the system.
    2. We will train and manage all employees regarding the proper handling of information on an ongoing basis.
    3. We will take necessary measures against such risks as unauthorized access to, and loss, corruption, falsification or leakage of, information, in order to ensure the accuracy and security of the information.
    4. When we outsource the handling of information to contractors, we will select contractors based on adequate review, and examine the handling of information by the contractors by such means as periodic reports submitted by them, in order to prevent information leakage from the contractors.
    5. We will review and improve the above activities on an ongoing basis to reflect changes in laws and regulations or social conditions, audit results, etc.

NTT Advanced Technology Corporation
George Kimura
June 16, 2015

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