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FINTECH JAPAN (Material Week)

FINTECH JAPAN (Material Week)


This year at FINTECH JAPAN NTT-AT will showcase 'Material Analysis'.
We look forward to seeing you in FINTECH JAPAN.
Please stop by our booth.

About FINTECH JAPAN (Material Week)

Date December 7-9, 2022
Location Makuhari Messe, Japan
Organizar RX Japan Ltd.
Website https://www.material-expo.jp/hub/en-gb.html


  • Material Analysis
    We provide most advanced material analysis services. Even atomic level observations are available. We have supported NTT’s leading telecom services directly or indirectly through NTT Laboratories’ R&D. Our technologies come from reputed NTT Laboratories, which have been publishing outstanding analytical data and images on top academic and technical journals. We can cater to corporate R&D, quality assessments and trouble shooting as well as academic research with track records over 30 years. Technical areas extend across semiconductor, nano-technologies, material science, optics, electronics, and others. Combined with those analytical services, we can offer micro-fabrication services to meet your various demands and requests.
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